10 Favorite Children’s Church Activity Songs

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Listed below are my 10 favorite activity songs and the DVD they’re from in no particular order. There are links where you can buy them from my website store. All of these songs come from Uncle Charlie’s Made 2 Praise Series. You can order any Made 2 Praise DVD here. In my opinion, they are the best Children’s Church music on the market. That’s why I make them available at my site. Later in the week, I’ll list my 10 favorite praise songs and my 10 favorite worship songs for children’s church.

10 Favorite Activity Songs:


Deep Down Boogie  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 10)

Leaning Song  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)


Two By Two  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

Jesus Is A River Of Life  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

I’ve Got The Joy (Made 2 Praise Vol. 12)

Bonkers (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

Inside My Heart  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 8)

Spin  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 8)

One Way Jesus  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 7)

 Joy  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 6)

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