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If You Want to Do Gospel Illusions, You Need These 5 Objects

Here are 5 basic inexpensive Gospel illusion objects that can be used in a variety of Biblical applications. None of these take a lot of training or work to use.

me with fireFlash Paper: Flash paper is paper that burns so quickly that it will burn up before it hits the floor. I also won’t leave any ash. Flash paper is great to use in Bible stories where there is fire like the 3 Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace, Moses and the burning bush, or when Elijah brought down fire from Heaven. You could also write something on the flash paper to illustrate how God can take away sin, worry, sickness or a multitude of other things.

Dissolvo Paper: Dissolvo Paper is paper that dissolved in water. Use it to illustrate something God will was away. This link has a great object lesson using dissolve paper.

Lotta Bowl: A lotta bowl is a bowl that never runs out of water. At least it seems to never run out. There is a trick to it. Use the lotta bowl to show God’s love (mercy, grace, healing, victory, patience, etc.) never runs dry.

Thumb Tip: A thumb tip is a tip you place over your thumb where you can hide small objects or silks. You’ll never run out of reasons to make something disappear.

DSC_1371Stiff Rope: This is a rope you can make stand straight up. When your students try to do it, they can’t. It’s a great device to teach about faith.

You can find these objects and more Gospel Illusions at your local magic store or at these online sites.

Creative Arts Store

The Magic Emporium

Gospel Magic Company






Learn How to Do Gospel Illusions with These Resources

DSC_1371Gospel Illusions are a very effective way to do object lessons with a WOW factor in your children’s ministry. Many times children’s pastors stay away from it though because they think it would be hard to do. It does take some practice to master Gospel illusions, but anyone can do it if they put in the time. If you want to add Gospel Illusions to your skill set for children’s ministry, it would be helpful learning the craft. Here’s a few resources to help.

Learn the Basics:

Greater Gospel Magic by Duane Laffin (Christian)

On Stage with Illusions by Duane Laflin (Christian)

Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic (Secular)

Professional Training:

The Original Tarbell Lessons Complete Course  (Secular)

This is considered to be the premier course for learning to be a magician. This course is for those who want to go to the professional level.

The Original Tarbell Lesson Vol. 1  (Secular)

If you’d like to start the Tarbell course but don’t have the money for the complete volume, you could start here.

Spiritual Applications for Tarbell (Christian)

If you decide to study using Tarbell, this is a great book to have. It gives spiritual applications for the lessons you learn in the course.

Books with Gospel Tricks You Can Do:

Amazing Lessons with Gospel Magic: Object Lessons with a Twist

Effective Gospel Magic

Amazing Gospel Illusions You Can Make

12 Gospel Tricks

12 Gospel Tricks with a Rope

12 Gospel Tricks with a Thumb Tip

5 Tips for Doing Gospel Illusions

me with fireUsing Gospel Illusions as object lessons in children’s ministry is a great way to attract children’s attention. It uses the WOW factor without spending a lot of money. If you plan to use Gospel Illusions, these tips will help.

Buy books on how to do magic. It’s more complicated than buying a trick at a magic store. Learn about the arts of how to hold your hand, misdirection, patter, and other devices. Basically learn the science of magic.

Practice in front of a mirror. For a trick to look natural and wow the kids, you need to see how it works in front of the mirror. Check out things like your hand positions, if anything shows that shouldn’t, and if you’re able to do the trick while looking at the children instead of looking at the trick.

Let the children know that this is a trick. We don’t want to confuse children when we talk about magic being forbidden in the Bible and then let them believe we’re working magic.

Don’t let the children know what the trick is. The wow factor depends on kids not being able to figure out how you do the trick. That also means they shouldn’t be allow to examine you objects before the trick is started or after the trick is over.

Use your money wisely. There are some tricks that have been overused that only have one application. One item like that is the Bible coloring book. Don’t waste your money on these kinds of tricks. Do your homework and consider how you can use the objects you buy for other Gospel illusions in the future.

For the next couple of posts, I’ll give you idea for where to find resources for Gospel Illusions and on which ones to spend your money.

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