Summer Checklist For Children’s Ministry

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Summer is always a hectic time for Children’s Ministry. Here’s a checklist to help the summer go smoother.

Camp Applications: If you have church camp for your children, make sure the information and applications have been sent to parents.

Summer Teachers/Program: Summer is a time that wrecks havoc for Sunday School programs because of vacations and weekend trips. If you do something special for summer, make sure it’s in place and teachers are aware. If not, have a list of substitutes to teach when regular teachers are out of town. Remind regular teachers to give you a list of weeks they’ll be gone ASAP.

Vacation Bible School: Do you have your workers in place for VBS? Have you ordered all the materials you’ll need? Plan a meeting for workers to pass out materials and answer their questions.

Kid’s Crusades: Have you booked a date for your kid’s crusade with the children’s evangelist? Make sure you have talked to the evangelist about all the details of the crusade.

Plan Summer Children’s Church: During the summer, you’ll be busier than normal and will be tempted to skimp on Children’s Church planning. You can avoid this by planning the whole summer program ahead of time.

Check Your Supplies:  If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to check and organize the supplies you’ll need for the summer.

 While nothing can keep the summer from overwhelming even the most organized Children’s Pastor, the more you pre-plan for the weeks ahead, the better prepared you’ll be.

5 thoughts on “Summer Checklist For Children’s Ministry

  1. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in prayer. I have been so busy preparing for all of the summer activities coming up that I was having trouble priorizing all the things I needed to do. I called out to God for help. What was His order of priority? I’m not surprised with the response. I believe God’s number one priority is for me to stay close to Him and spend more time with Him. Somehow the others fall into place when we take the time to spend with Him first. I often start planning and then seeking His will. What I must do is start with Him each and every day. Let Him guide my planning steps. That is my motivation for making it through this summer and on from there. This summer we start with a Children’s Talent in which our kids compete with several other churches in several different areas, art, music, drama, puppets etc. A week later we will be on our way to church camp. And then VBS. Several other activities are between those. One Sunday is Children’s Sunday where we will recognize all children in our service. We have several that want to be baptized on that day. It will be a busy summer but most of all I want to remember to spend time with God and seek His guidance in all we do.

    1. Thank you for the reminder that no matter how much we have going on this summer, our priority should be spending time with God first and everything else will fall into place.

  2. Hey Tammy,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for your kind words. How are you all doing? It seems like things are well for you all.

  3. This is a interesting blog. I’ve in most cases been a supporter of this kind of thinking. I’m hoping that this starts a revival of this style of thinking along the same lines.

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