Signs Of A Thriving Children’s Ministry – Balance

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A thriving children’s ministry usually has balanced all of the most important aspects of ministry. Here’s some areas that need to be in every children’s ministry.

Evangelism: A children’s ministry that has stopped reaching out to unsaved children and only ministers to children of the church family is out of balance. The Great Commission commands us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. That’s even more important when it comes to children. 85% of all Christians were saved before the age of 14. Some of those Christians were reached by churches and children’s ministries, not by their parents. I know because I’m one of them.

Discipleship: Discipleship goes beyond teaching children the Word of God. It gives children the mentoring and skill needed to live a Christian life. It teaches children that a relationship with Christ, obedience to Christ, and service to Christ will give their lives meaning and purpose.

Compassion: Compassion should be a part of every children’s ministry. Provide opportunities for children to give to and serve those less fortunate then themselves, and they will understand the heart of God instead of only knowing the doctrine. You can do this through having children help with soup kitchens or giving away school supplies in your local community. But missions are also an important part of compassion. We need to teach children about world missions and give them opportunities to participate so they will understand that Christianity is a global movement.

Worship: Children need an opportunity to uplift and worship God. Make sure to incorporate worship into your children’s program. Also help children to understand worship comes from the heart, and true worship is reflected in the lives we lead.

Ministry: Children need more that a great children’s program. They need to be a part of God’s Kingdom. Give them opportunities to minister in the church. and you will start them off in a lifetime of service to God.

2 thoughts on “Signs Of A Thriving Children’s Ministry – Balance

  1. Great list. I have a question, as a child who was reached primarily through the church and not through your parents, what do you think of the Orange movement? I’m all in favor of equipping parents, but I often feel like I’m over stepping my bounds. Thoughts?

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  2. I’ve been considering how to answer this. The Orange movement strives to make ministry family ministry. That’s a good thing. Too many churches have ignored the family. But when it comes to ministering to children, there should be a balance. Reach out to the parents, but whether the parents respond or not, don’t fail to minister to children. I can’t stress this enough. We shouldn’t wait for a child to grow up or parents to get on board when the child’s salvation and soul are at stake. You’re not overstepping your bounds.

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