Signs of a Thriving Children’s Ministry – Change

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Most people have a fear of changing even when things aren’t working. But it’s even harder to continue to tweak and change when everything’s going great. But if we want to stay cutting edge and effective, that’s what we need to do. Here’s some help when it comes to considering change.

Find Out What God Wants: Change just for the sake of change won’t work. We need to prayerfully consider each change. If God is behind it, go for it.

Find Changes To Address Problems: Every children’s ministry has problem areas. These are usually the areas that need to change.

Communicate Changes To Parents and Workers:¬†Whenever you make a change, especially a big one, communicate why you’re making the change to those who will be affected. This will help you get others on board.

Face Your Fear Of Change: Sometimes it’s easier to keep things to way they are then to consider change. Change brings us into realms we haven’t been in before. There’s fear associated with it. If you’re not changing a program because the change isn’t wise that’s great. But if you let fear stop you from changing, face your fears. You can’t walk on water unless you get out of the boat.

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