Christmas Movies for Children’s Ministry

A great way to teach over the holidays is to incorporate Christmas movies into your Children’s Church or mid-week program. Use movies that are around a half hour in length, and plan the rest of the service to go along with the theme of the movie.

One way to do this that’s very effective is to break up the movie into segments that end with cliff hangers. In between the segments, you can do you praise and worship, teach the memory verse, and have a short talk about what the movie is teaching.

Here’s some great movies you can use.

Charlie Brown Christmas: This movie is a classic that shows the real meaning of Christmas is not in the commercialism but to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Veggie Tales St. Nicholas – The Story of Joyful Giving: This new Veggie Tales movie teaches about the true spirit of giving.

Veggie Tales The Star of Christmas: The Veggie Tales classics teaches us to love each other.

Veggie Tales The Toy That Saved Christmas: This was the first Christmas Veggie Tales movie and teaches Christmas isn’t about getting; it’s about giving.

The Nativity – Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible: This video is an animated telling of the story of Christmas.

Read & Share Bible DVD The Jesus Series – Christmas: This is a great series to teach children Bible stories.

The Visual Bible For Kids – The Birth of Jesus:┬áThe DVD tells the Christmas story word for word according to Scripture and teaches a boy the importance of sharing his faith.

There are many others, but these are the best around.