Ready to Serve Christ Children’s Church Object Lessons and Sermon

Today, I’m posting three object lessons and the sermon for the lesson, Ready to Serve Christ. This will conclude the lesson. I hope you find it useful in your children’s ministry.



Focus Point:  God wants us to be Ready to Live For Christ, Expecting God to move and Determined to share the Gospel. 

Goal:  Children will learn to look for opportunities to serve God with boldness.

Focus Verse: Be on your guard;  stand firm in the faith;  be men of courage;  be strong.                                                   1 Corinthians 16:13 

Object Lesson #1:  Police are always ready

Items Needed:  A police badge or hat and a walkie talkie.


This is a police badge or hat.  Police officers train to always be ready.  They learn to fire a gun and to drive a car fast.  They also learn how to act in every situation that comes up.  They are always ready to act.  If a robbery happens, they know exactly what to do.  If a man is speeding, they are ready to react if the man turns out to be a car thief who pulls a gun on them.  They don’t have to think about what to do.  They know what to do because they have been trained for every situation.  We should always be ready to do the right thing – to do what God wants.  If we train to be Christians by learning the Word of God, praying praising and going to church, we will know what God wants us to do and we will be ready to do it.


Police officers also carry radios like this one.  They always are listening to the radio so that they are ready to move if a crime happens.  We should always be listening to the Holy Spirit.  He will warn us when we are doing something that will get us in trouble.  If we are always ready to listen to him, he will help us to avoid temptation.


Object Lesson #2:  Fire Fighters Expect to Move

Items Needed:  Fire fighters hat or badge.

Fire fighter are always expecting a fire.  Whether they are sleeping, eating or watching TV, they are always listening for the alarm so that they can move quickly.  We can always expect God to move in our lives.  We can expect His Spirit to move in church services.  We can expect Him to help us.  We can expect Him to answer our prayer.  Just as a fire fighter is always expect a fire.  We can always expect the fire of God to move in our lives.

Object Lesson #3:  Doctors and Nurses are Determined

Items Needed:  Doctor’s bag, stethoscope or white coat.

Have any of you ever seen a TV show about an emergency room.  If you have, you know that when a patient is in a crisis, doctors and nurses are determined to save the patient’s life.  They will do whatever it takes to save the patient.  They will work for hours on their feet without taking a break to save the patient.  We need to have that determination to share Jesus with our friends who are not saved.  We need to be willing to do whatever it takes to help others know about Jesus and to lead them to Christ.  It’s not easy.  Sometimes people make fun of Christians.  Sometimes they don’t want to listen.  But we should have the same determination that doctors have when they want to save a patient.

Sermon:  Code Red 

Christians are ready, expecting and determined.

  • Are you ready to do what God wants in you’re life?
  • Are you expecting God to move when you pray?
  • Are you determined to do whatever it takes to live the Christian life and to share Jesus with others

Lead the children in a prayer of dedication. 

Ready To Serve Christ Children’s Church Lesson

For the next couple of weeks, I will be posting a full childrens church lesson you can use in your childrens ministry. Today, Ill post the opening. In the next couple of weeks, Ill add games, skits, object lessons, memory verse prompts, and a Bible story that all go with this children’s church lesson theme. The lesson is Ready to Live For Christ.

Focus Point:  God wants us to be Ready to live the Christian life, Expecting God to move and Determined to share the Gospel. 

Goal:  Children will learn to look for opportunities to serve God with boldness..

Focus Verse: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.      1 Corinthians 16:13



Good morning.  Did any of you get ready to come to church today?  I’ll bet most of you did.  Raise your hand if you got ready to come to church in any of these ways.

For instance, did any of you set an alarm clock to wake up on time?

How many of you brushed your teeth before you came?

Did any of you take a shower or a bath?

Did any of you put on your church clothes instead of coming in what you slept in?

It looks like we all got ready to come to church. I hope we also came expecting God to move and determined to learn more of Gods Word.

Emergency workers like fire fighters, police officers and hospital emergency workers have code word that they use when an emergency happens.  Whenever anyone says Code Red, emergency workers know that they need to be ready to act immediately.  They expect to be needed to help someone right away and they are determined to do whatever it takes.  We should do the same as Christians.  We need to be ready to do what God wants.  We should expect God to move when we pray.  We must be determined to live for Christ. 

Emergency workers are ready to jump, whenever an emergency alarm is sounded.  Whenever I say, “Emergency”, during Kid’s Church today, I want you to jump up and yell “I’m ready.  I’m expecting.  I’m determined”.   Let’s try it. 


Yell Emergency a couple of times until the children get use to jumping up and saying the phrase.  At various times during Kid’s Church today, yell Emergency when you think the children aren’t expecting it.  You could also have a contest between the boys and the girls.  See who jumps up first and yells the loudest.