12 Secrets of a Happy Children’s Minister

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Hey, we need to enjoy what we do. This is a high calling and privilege, so let’s enjoy the ride.

happy600 12 Secrets of a Happy KidMin

  1. Laugh often and laugh at yourself. A lot of funny stuff happens in children’s ministry. Learn to enjoy it.
  2. Agree with Jesus that you have a secure reward coming because you serve kids. (Matthew 10:42)
  3. Don’t let failure get you down. Not everything you try will succeed. Don’t sweat it. It happens to all of us. Use the failure to make your ministry better.
  4. Don’t beg for workers. Recruit directly the ones you want. You’ll get better workers this way.
  5. Multiply yourself. If you try to do it all, you will implode. But don’t merely delegate tasks. Teach others to do what you do. Give others real responsibility. This will lighten your load.
  6. Enjoy solving problems. Every ministry has ‘em. Every one! Learn to solve them without letting them get you down and you will rock in ministry.
  7. Exercise. Figure out how to fit it into your weekly routine. Your body and mind are connected. If your body is worn out, you will feel down.
  8. Don’t work for a church that contradicts your values. Submission to authority is great. But if your church leadership is dishonest, immoral or doctrinally contrary to your beliefs, get out.
  9. Never let criticism from parents get to you. Some people are not happy unless they are complaining about something. They could never do your job.
  10. Use curriculum you agree with and enjoy.
  11. Trust God. None of us has this all figured out. Accept that there will be times when you will not see an immediate solution. God knows what to do.
  12. Know that your joy comes from your eternal relationship with the Lord. Your name is written in heaven. (Luke 10:20)

“Used by permission from the TheBlitzWay.com”

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