15 Great Children’s Church Songs From The Past

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I’ve been in children’s ministry for 23 years. Music has always been a huge part of my children’s ministry. There are a lot of great songs out there today. But I’m feeling nostalgic. So here’s 15 great songs I used to use in children’s church in no particular order.

If I Were A Butterfly


I Am A Christian


We Want To See Jesus Lifted High


I Am A C


I Just Want To Be A Sheep


Give Me Oil In My Lamp


Shake A Friend’s Hand


I’m In The Lord’s Army


In The Name Of Jesus


Fear Not


The Bold Song


I’ve Got The Joy


This Little Light Of Mine


Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You


5 thoughts on “15 Great Children’s Church Songs From The Past

  1. Iam happy with the songs for the children.
    Now I would like to know the STANZAS and who sung this children’s song;
    Lord, when I think of all the many children who do not know the reason why Jesus came, Transform my life to be my example, that they may know, my Lord how great thou Art.

  2. Do you know the tune for “I am the church”? It merely says that the “church” is not a building, it is all believing people who together make up the church of God/Jesus Christ.

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