Haiti and Your Children’s Ministry

What is your children’s ministry doing to respond to the earthquake disaster in Haiti? The children in your ministry have heard about the disaster and want to help. This is your opportunity to show them how Christians respond to those in need. If you ignore this disaster, you’ll show the children that schools and private organizations give them opportunities to respond in compassion, but the church doesn’t care. That’s not the message you want to give.

Here are a few ideas:

Teaching: Teach the children about the people of Haiti. Show a map of the country. Tell a little bit about their history. Christopher Columbus established the first North American Colony in Haiti. Black slaves colonized Haiti as a place where they could be free, the first nation to abolish slavery, and fought bravely with France to gain their independence. Haiti has a rich history your children should be aware of. Here’s a link that tells a little about the history of Haiti.

Missions: If your church or denomination has a missions program or presence in Haiti, tell the children about it. Give the people of Haiti a face by talking about specific projects. Here’s a link from my denomination to find out about a missionary couple to Haiti.

Prayer: Don’t just tell children to pray for Haiti, give them specific things to pray for. You can give each child a different thing or give a list out for each child to pray for. Here’s a list of suggestions.

  • clean water
  • rescue workers
  • food & supplies
  • families who’ve lost loved ones
  • wisdom for government
  • doctors and nurses
  • elderly
  • children
  • sick and injured
  • missionaries
  • orphanages
  • many would turn to God
  • relief organizations

Collect Supplies: One of the greatest needs Haiti has now is clean drinking water. But they also need clothes, medicine, blankets, food, and other supplies. You can donate supplies to the Red Cross or to your denomination’s relief fund.

Fundraisers or Offerings: Give the children in your ministry the opportunity to collect funds for the people of Haiti. Be careful where you send these funds. Make sure you send the to a reputable organization like Compassion International or your denomination’s relief fund. Here’s the link for Compassion International.

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