Top Children’s Ministry Conferences 2010

Here’s a list of some of the top children’s ministry conferences for 2010:

Napkin Conference

Las Vegas – February 25-26, 2010

This conference is put on by Jim Wideman and other big names in Children’s Ministry.

Clarity Conference

St. Louis, Missouri – March 1-5

This is the Assembly of God children’s ministry conference but is open to people of all denominations.

NCLA FOCUS Conference

Greenville, South Carolina – March 4-6

This is the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennesse, Children’s Ministry Conference, but it is open to people of all denominations. I plan to have a booth at this conference and may be teaching a workshop.

Children’s Pastor’s Conferences

San Diego, California – March 14-17, 2010

Orlando, Florida – January 12-15, 2011

This is the largest Children’s Pastor’s Conference in the United States.

Orange Conference

Duluth, Geogia – April 28-30, 2010

This conference is for children’s pastors, youth pastors, family pastors, and senior pastors. It emphasises the Orange way of doing ministry.

Children’s Ministry Expo 2010

Lexington, Kentucky – July 15-16

This isn’t a conference. It’s an exposition of Children’s Ministry booths organized by Kid’s Blitz. For $25.00, you will have access to thousands of resources for children’s ministry. I plan to have a booth at this expo.

D6 Conference

Dallas, Texas – September 15-17, 2010

D6 is a family ministry conference for anyone on church staff including children’s pastors.

4 responses to “Top Children’s Ministry Conferences 2010

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  2. kevin kamalraj

    thankyou,god bless your ministry.please do write

  3. My name is Stephen Ogwang the senior pastor of revivalcentre church in Uganda,well isaw about your programmes and ifelt so much touched to attend one of the conferences that you have please let me know how ican attend,ican organise my own fare for i strongly believe that attendind such conferences can make our ministry soar we nned you.

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