Easter Object Lesson – What Is Easter About?

Objects: pictures or objects that symbolize the following: Easter egg, chocolate Easter bunny, candy, Easter basket, Easter bunny, Spring, Easter clothes, church, cross. Show the objects as you say the following.

When most children think about Easter, they think about a lot of things. Some children like to color Easter eggs and have Easter egg hunts. Some children think about getting a gigantic chocolate Easter bunny or candy in their Easter baskets on Easter Sunday morning. Then of course, there’s the Easter bunny. Spring break at schools are usually around Easter. Some children think about Spring and how they get to play outside more. Still other children’s parents always buy them a new outfit they can wear to church on Easter. Some families only go to church on Easter. All these things make us think about Easter. But the most important thing to think about on Easter is that Jesus died for our sins. Three days later, on Easter Sunday, He rose again so we can be with Him forever on Earth and later in Heaven. He did this so we can be close to God. That’s the best part about Easter.

3 responses to “Easter Object Lesson – What Is Easter About?

  1. I’m not a believer and don’t practice but indeed to me Easter is first a religious holiday then a funny one. One can always make fun and faith fit together… and make the best out of such holidays.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of fun over the holiday, as long as children know the real meaning of Easter.

  3. Hi Tamera,
    I agree that the entire family and children should have lots of fun during the Easter holiday. You might like this Easter arts & crafts to include in your Easter lessons, check out this fun & easy Easter art & crafts that the entire family can enjoy! Nice blog by the way! http://www.segmation.com/products_pc_patternset_contents.asp?set=EAS @segmation Thanks so much Tamera and keep on blogging!

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