Final Round – March Madness Blog Contest

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Children’s Ministry March Madness Blog Contest. I have advanced to the final round in the south division. Please go to this link   and vote for Revival Fire For Kids for the final round.

Here are some reasons to vote for me.

  1. You’ll find some great children’s ministry resources while you’re there.
  2. You’ll find enough really great children’s ministry blogs listed in the contest to keep you busy for hours.
  3. I really want to win.
  4. I’ve been in children’s ministry for 23 years, and you should honor your elders.
  5. My favorite colors and red and yellow. Red and yellow make orange. Hmmm. All the colors in fire. That reminds me of Revival Fire For Kids.
  6. If you vote for me, I’ll buy you pizza. Just kidding.
  7. I don’t have any chocolate and need the comfort of winning.
  8. I’m a nice person. Really.
  9. Did I mention I really want to win.
  10. Last reason to vote for me – you’ve found this blog helpful in your ministry.

All right. Enough shameless promotion already. The great thing about visiting the March Madness Blog Contest is you’ll find tons of great resources to help you in children’s ministry.

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