Join Me At The Children’s Ministry Expo

Join Revival Fire For Kids July 15th and 16th at the Children’s Ministry Expo in Lexington, Kentucky.

It’s like a Children’s Ministry Woodstock!

I, along with hundreds of other children’s ministry resource providers, will have booths set up there. The Children’s Ministry Expo is not like any event you’ve ever seen. For $25.00, you can tour the halls and see what resources are available for Children’s Ministry. You’ll also get to meet and fellowship with other children’s pastors like yourself and even get to go to twenty minute mini-conferences.

If that’s not enough, there will be tons of giveaways, and one lucky person will win a GPS. But hurry. The deadline for tickets is July 9th. Here’s the link for more information and to buy tickets. See you there.

What do Children’s Ministry Expo and Woodstock have in common?

You only need a little bread, man.

Square translation: only costs $25

No school in square rooms run by the man.

Translation: There are no workshops in separate rooms

Open your mind to all of the funky, new ideas.

Translation: Endless Children’s Ministry Resources to check out.

Far out Scoops will set you free, Baby.

Translation: 20 minute mini-workshops in front of exhibits

Hang loose with the flower children.

Translation: Network with other children’s pastors

Gnarly Sit-Ins with Cool Dudes

Translation: Sit-Ins are discussions led by CM experts

Split the scene when you feel like it.

Translation: Expo is only 2 days and you can come and go freely.

Groove to the cool music.

Translation: Hear amazing children’s ministry entertainers and artists.

2 responses to “Join Me At The Children’s Ministry Expo

  1. Looking forward to meeting you there!

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