Kid Missions To Help Japan


The recent events in Japan are a great opportunity to emphasize missions in children’s ministry. Here’s some ideas for doing that.

Teach the children about the nation of Japan. Children love to learn about other cultures. When you teach the children about Japan and about the disaster and turmoil that they experienced, you give a face to the disaster. Children will want to help when they know more about the situation there.

Tell some encouraging stories about Japan. God has moved in a variety of ways in Japan. Tell the children some of the encouraging stories coming out of the disaster so they can see how God is moving in the nation of Japan. Here’s a link to a news story about a baby found alive in the rubble. Even the news media calls it a miracle.

Have Children Pray For Japan. Teach children the power of prayer by having them pray for Japan. Give them specific things to pray for such as these:

  • Nuclear reactors will stop leaking radiation.
  • Those without food, water, or supplies will get the help they need.
  • God will use this event to help the people of Japan turn to Him and get saved. 

Do Fundraisers For Relief Organizations. Here’s a link to some fundraiser ideas. Some organizations you might want to contribute to are:

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