Kids Entering God’s Presence Part 1 – Introduction


For the next month, I’ll blog about how to lead children into the presence of God and how to fan the flames of revival fire for children. The pattern for revival is found in scripture. In the tabernacle of Moses, God shows us how to enter the His presence.

The tabernacle of Moses has three parts. The outer court represents thanksgiving, the inner court represents praise, and the holy of holies represents worship. If we want children to enter into God’s presence, we need to set up our children’s church order of service to reflect those three aspects.

Thanksgiving: The fun activity part should be first, where we enjoy being at church and thank God for what He’s done for us. Teach your children to thank God while they are having fun during the front part of the service. I’ll talk more about ways to do this next week. Make sure when you pray over the service at the beginning that you thank God for the children. If a child prays, have that child thank God for children’s church.

Praise: As you enter the inner court of the service, lead the children in praise. You could have an object lesson called a praise primer teaching them about praise. You could also have a praise word each week based on a Hebrew word for praise. I’ll blog about that later. When the children sing songs, have them praise God with the words they sing. Let them know it isn’t praise unless it comes from the heart.

Worship: Worship is our response to being in God’s presence. Every children’s service should have worship. Worship doesn’t only mean singing a slow song but coming into God’s presence and responding to Him. I’ll also blog about this more in the coming weeks.

You’ll want to bookmark these blogs. If you follow God’s pattern for revival in your children’s ministry, you will give God the opportunity to explode in your students’ lives. They will never be the same.

This is a repost from a previous blog series.

2 responses to “Kids Entering God’s Presence Part 1 – Introduction

  1. I am trying to rearrange our Children’s Church service, we are a smaller church and our Children’s church is a mixed age group, we are mostly youth now with a few elementary aged children, I want to teach them about praise and worship and the importance of getting in God’s presence, we have a set curriculum, this month we are talking about the helmet of salvation, how can i add Entering God’s kingdom to what we are already learning

    • I have two ideas for you. Arrange your service so you go from the fun activity time, to a time of praise and worship, then teach the message, then a response time. Also before praise and worship time, have a praise primer (an object lesson about praise and worship) to lead children to worship God and enter his presence.

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