Kids Entering the Presence of God Part 11 – The History of Children in Revival


Many across the nation and the world are praying for God to send us another mighty revival. Yet these same people ignore the ministry God has done through children throughout the ages. Almost every major move of God in the past has had children as a large part of that revival. Some revivals even started with children.

John Wesley mentioned in many of his journal entries how God moved among children while he was ministering.

May 5, 1737. Indeed about this time we observed the Spirit of God to move upon the minds of many of the children. They began more carefully to attend to the things that were spoken both at home and at church, an a remarkable seriousness appeared in their whole behavior and conversation.

August 30, 1758. I began meeting with the children in the afternoon, though with little hopes of doing them good; but I had not spoken long on our natural state before many of them were in tears, and five or six so affected, that they could not refrain from crying aloud to God. When I began praying, their cries increased, so that my voice was soon lost.

In 1741, George Whitfield visited Edinburg where he preached to boys at now spending their time in reading the Bible and books of piety, and exhorting their fellows to do the like.

In November, 1839, Rev. Murray McCheyne visited Dundee where he discovered 39 weekly prayer meetings taking place. Five of them were conducted by children and only had children attending.

Children’s prayer meetings also sprang up from 1874 to 1883 following D.L. Moody’s campaigns.

In April, 1868, Charles Haddon Spurgeon endorsed the ministry of children after he saw the move of God among many of them.

During the Brownsville Assembly of God revival of the 1990s, children were caught up in a spirit of intercession and would spend hours praying.

These are only a few of the accounts of God moving through children during revivals in the past. Imagine what God could do among children if we taught and encouraged children to enter the presence of God.

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