Teaching Biblical Foundations


There is a current movement in children’s ministry that is all about life application. In this movement, children’s ministries may teach children Bible stories and scripture, but the main emphasis is teaching children what God wants them to do. Basically it’s teaching children to be good people.

I have no problem with teaching children what God expects out of His people. The problem is when we teach our children to be good instead of how to be Godly.

But this movement is nothing new. From the beginning of time, man-made religion has tried to create a system where we could be good enough to be right with God. Cain tried to offer a good enough sacrifice by his own merits. The Pharisees tried to be good enough to follow all the laws set down by Moses. But none of these things get us closer to God or even make us good. So why are we trying to impose this on our children.

There are many problems with teaching children life application with some Bible thrown in for good measure.

Children will not get saved or grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ but may think they’re saved because they’re good and go to church.

Even if these children do accept Christ as their saviour, they won’t know what it means to become a Christ follower because they won’t be discipled in their faith.

Children won’t know how to resist temptation and fight evil through the power of the Holy Spirit. They will try to do it in their own power and set themselves up for failure.

Children who are taught life application and not Biblical Foundations will not be able to have their faith stand when they are confront as teenagers and young adults with wrong doctrines and vain philosophies of the society we live in.

I have no problem with life application. Every Biblical truth we learn has a life application to it. The Word of God is meant to be applied to our lives. The problem comes with make the life application the main thing instead of the Biblical truth behind it.

So tell me what you think about this. Are you teaching your students to be good or are you disciplining them to be Christ followers?

2 thoughts on “Teaching Biblical Foundations

  1. Good morning and thank you for sending all these wonderful tools and advice e-mails! We teach children’s church at Lakeview Church of the Nazarene in Topeka, KS. We don’t have a traditional children’s church, we basically have big church downstairs. There are no coloring, no games, but only prayer time, singing, offering time and a message. And the kids love altar time at the end of each service. Have a great day!!

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