Don’t Do Dumb Teacher Training

A youth director friend of mine, Dr. Randall Parris, always taught a session before youth camp called “Don’t Do Dumb”. Basically it consisted of all the common sense things the workers should know but don’t always. I developed a teacher training session for new children’s ministry workers using the same motto. This training is effective in small churches as well as larger ones. Here it is for you to use with your workers.

Don’t Do Dumb Teacher Training

Be Ready

One of the most important things that will happen in your class is what happens before you ever get there.

Prepare your lesson.

Prepare spiritually.

Start Out With a Good Impression

If you come to class 10 minutes late and unprepared, the class will take over during the free time.

Parents, especially new parents will feel uncomfortable leaving their children in a class with a teacher who is late.

Be ready to greet the children and their parents.

Don’t Play the “Where Are You?” Game

Do not release children without their parents.

Do not release children to people you don’t know.

Do not release your class to another classroom teacher.

Do not release children to teenagers or other children.

Be with your students at all times.

If a child has to go to the restroom, have someone either take them or watch for them.

Don’t draw children out of other classrooms to help you.  Then their teacher won’t know where they are.

If you must allow an older child to go to the restroom alone, use the buddy system.

Can You Be Trusted?

Can you be trusted to model a lifestyle to the children that their parents would want them to imitate?

Can parents trust you to be loving and respectful to their children?

Will you safeguard children’s safety when they are in your care?

Can children trust you to be faithful to be there on time for them or to make
arrangements when you can’t be there?

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