Reasons To Have Children’s Church


Most churches now have children’s church during the Adult Worship Service on Sunday mornings. There are a lot of reasons churches do this. Some are good, but some are faulty. None of the reasons are totally wrong if you have the right reasons as your priorities. Here’s some wrong reasons and right reasons for having Children’s Church.

Wrong Reasons:

Parents want to enjoy the service. This may sound like a good reason, but the number one reason you should minister to children is to minister to children, not to minister to their parents.

Children disrupt the adult service. Children’s ministry should not be a glorified baby-sitting service to keep disruption out of the adult service. Again the first reason should be to minister to children.

We need something for the children to attract adults to the church. Although it’s true that a thriving children’s ministry attract adults, that should not be the main reason for having one. If adult ministry is the priority for having children’s ministry, children’s ministry is born out of selfishness.

We want to teach children about God so that when they are older, they will serve Him. At least this reason is focused on the children. What makes it faulty is that God wants children to serve Him as children, not just when they are older. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, but they are the church of today.

Right Reasons:

Children are a part of the body of Christ and should have a worship service that relate to them.

85% of all Christians are saved between the age of 4 and 14 years old. That means our resources and time are better spent reaching out to children.

Children need to be saved, sanctified, and serving in the church as children if we are to disciple them to be Christ followers.

So why does your church have a children’s church?

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