Teachable Moments by Keisha Lennon


This blog post is by guest blogger and friend of mine Keisha Lennon. Keisha and Ryan Lennon are full-time missionaries to Thailand along with their children Hannah and Noah. To find out more about their ministry, click this link.

As parents, we keep our eyes open for those perfectly teachable moments. Sometimes, they focus on character or behavior or even what it means to walk in obedience.

Today, Hannah overheard us discussing the items we needed to share in communion with our Emerge family at our weekly time of worship, devotion, and prayer.

After we finished our discussion, she sincerely asked, “What is communion?”

Jokingly, I looked at Ryan and said, “Well, it’s time to use that Bible degree.”

Within a few minutes, Hannah positioned herself close to her daddy, as he explained the practice and purpose of communion. To my surprise, she remained fully interested until Ryan finished sharing with her, but even more, she was able to explain the biblical view of communion back to us.

At times, we plan and purpose to share our faith with our children, but at other times, the opportunity presents itself to us unplanned. As parents, we pray our children always ask questions, even the hard questions, so we may pour ourselves into them.

We may be missionaries in Thailand, but our first ministry priority is our children, that they may know Christ to the fullest and reach their potential according to his perfect purpose.

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