Resources For Children’s Pastors


For the next few posts, I’ll show some links that are helpful resources for children’s pastors. Today I’ll cover the resources available at the Revival Fire For Kids Store.

Children’s Church Curriculum

Revival Fire For Kids sells Kid Konnection Curriculum. Although it has overheads instead of media files, I believe it’s the best curriculum on the market so far. I even wrote Kid Konnection 5 – Kids Entering the Presence of God. Starting in March, a new downloadable Revival Fire For Kids Children’s Church Curriculum will become available starting with Follow Me: God’s Social Network – 5 lessons on discipleship. A free 4 week lesson series on Easter will also be available for download. That’s right. Free. After that, new curriculum will be added to Revival Fire for Kids every couple of months.

Music For Children’s Church

Revival Fire For Kids sells Uncle Charlies Made 2 Praise Children’s Ministry music DVDs because it’s the best music for children’s ministry out there.

Leadership Materials

Puppet Skits

One response to “Resources For Children’s Pastors

  1. These are good resources and would definitely help the children to learn. As Kids love to learn, parents should teach their child the way that they should go.

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