Follow Me Curriculum Released

Follow Me: God’s Social Network

5 Children’s Church or Vacation Bible School Lessons on Discipleship

By Tamera Kraft

Regular Price: Standard—$30, Premium—$60

 $5 OFF


Special Offer Details Below:

Special Offer Details Below:

Including a chance to win FREE Curriculum or get Follow Me at $10-$15 off the regular Price.

First 13 People to order get a FREE children’s ministry book!

Standard Includes: Downloadable Curriculum that can be reprinted as many times as you need, MS PowerPoint 2003 slides for each lesson. Object Lessons, Bible Stories, Games, Memory Verse Activities, Science Experiments, Small Group Discussions Questions, Skits, Puppet Skits and More. Suggestions for additional resources. (some additional resources not included)

Premium Includes: Everything included in Standard plus CD-ROM with Curriculum, PowerPoint slides and slide in jpeg format. Made 2 Praise Volumes 1 & 13 DVDs with Praise Music suggested for curriculum.

$10 off the Price: Post by Friday the following on your Twitter or Facebook: ”Find out how to get Follow Me curriculum & children’s ministry books FREE. #kidmin #cmconnect #revivalfire4kids”, Then email me at revivalfire4kids [at] and tell me that you posted it. It’s that simple.

$15 Off the Price: Post on more than one social networking site or post on FB or Twitter 5 times by midnight Wednesday, then email me and let me know.

But there’s more. Win Follow Me for FREE!

If at least 20 people email me, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win the standard version of Follow Me Downloadable Curriculum. If you win, you’ll be given a coupon code to get the curriculum free online. You’ll also be able to upgrade to the premium edition for only $15.

But that’s not all. Win FREE Children’s Ministry Books.

I have a ton of children’s ministry books that are slightly used children’s ministry books that I’m giving away. All you have to do is buy the Follow Me Curriculum by Friday, April 13th, and email me to tell me you’d like a free book. This is on a first come first serve basis for choice of books until they run out, so hurry.

Here’s a list of books I’m offering:

Children’s Ministry Leadership: the-you-can-do-it-guide by Jim Wideman (Group Publishing)

Children’s Ministry Volunteers That Stick by Jim Wideman (Group Publishing)

The Growing Leader: Healthy Essentials For Children’s Ministry by Craig Jutila (Group Publishing)

The Discipline Guide For Children’s Ministry by Jody Capehart, Gordon West, & Becki West (Group Publishing)

Leadership Essentials For Children’s Ministry by Craig Jutila (Group Publishing)

Party! Party! for Children’s Ministry by Susan L. Lingo (Group Publishing)

Instant Games for Children’s Ministry by Susan L. Lingo (Group Publishing)

Making Scripture Memory Fun (Group Publishing)

Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation by Neil Howe and William Strauss

When Children Pray by Cheri Fuller (Multnomah Parenting)

Learning Styles by Marlene D. LeFever (David C. Cook Publishing)

Precious In His Sight: Childhood & the Bible by Roy B. Zuck

The Big Book of Theme Parties, Snacks, & Games (Gospel Light)

Because Follow Me has 5 Lessons and a theme, it’s perfect for children’s church and VBS.

Buy Here!

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