Project Management For Children’s Pastors

It’s time to start planning children’s ministry for the school year. Most church calendars go September to August, so I’ll spend the next couple of weeks giving you helpful planning advise.

Project Management is an essential tool for children’s pastors. Children’s ministry is filled with huge projects that can’t be done effectively without project management. Some projects include Christmas and Easter programs, discipleship programs, holiday events such as a Halleluia Costume Carnival, Easter Egg Hunt and Back to School Bash, summer outreach, missions projects, choir, drama – the list goes on to infinity.

Most children’s pastors haven’t been trained with the skills they need to manage all these projects, but they can learn these skills. Here’s a series of blog posts to help you learn project management for children’s pastors.

Part 1: Introduction and Scope

Part 2: Resources and Team Building

Part 3: List Your Steps

Part 4: Work Your Plan


3 responses to “Project Management For Children’s Pastors

  1. Pastor yousaf Haroon

    Hi, we are really very thankful to you for your news share with us your new thinks,you share with us your love,your work.we wish God will help you in every way. Grace be with you all. From pastor yousaf


  2. Hi
    Thanks for this post. Yes, I agree with you, planning is the important part of the project management. Project management is an essential tool. It can help how to manage the resources and how I can plan for any project? Thanks for giving me the knowledge about this. The benefit of the clear planning of tasks readily comes into play when it becomes necessary to apply this tool in project management. I share this information with others.

  3. Hi. Thank you for this article . I m agree with you that project management is important for children’s school year great thought

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