Children’s Christmas Programs

Here’s a list of great Children’s Christmas Programs for 2012.

Hotel Bethlehem

Integrity Music

Hotel Bethlehem is bubbling with excitement and a feeling that something wonderful is about to happen! This innovative children’s musical provides a new slant on the Christmas Story through entertaining drama and fun, easy to learn songs.

A Mouse Christmas

A Mouse Christmas musical is the irresistibly cute “retailing” of the Christmas story from the eye-witness perspective of two mice who actually accompanied Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. All of the original songs in A Mouse Christmas play, like Christmas Lullaby, are woven seamlessly throughout the story to bring a depth of emotion that you wouldn’t expect in a children’s musical. The script and songs have a universal age appeal. There are messages of “trusting God in hard times” for adults and messages of hope, forgiveness, and love for everyone. Most of all, this musical has a tenderness that seems to capture the heart of Christmas and touch performers and audiences alike. Just read a few reviews to see how powerful this children’s Christmas musical play is.

Census Time In Bethlehem

Lillenas Music

Kids will learn the names of Jesus while being part of the fun as Mary and Joseph try to convince the local census-taker, Mr. B.A. Countable, that they really do know their unborn baby is a boy and he already has a name…several names, as a matter of fact. Poor Mr. Countable becomes more and more confused as new visitors arrive to worship the newborn baby, but everyone calls him something different. This new offering from the creative team of Pamela Vandewalker and Cherry Garasi is all the fun, creativity, and teach you’ve come to expect from this dynamic due, with songs your children will love to sing in a variety of styles – from the classic rock-n’-roll of “He Is Emmanuel” to the lovely, simple strains of “Away in a Manger (Medley).” It’s not only Christmas time; it’s Census Time in Bethlehem!

The Great Gift Exchange

Lillenas Music

From the exciting rhythm in the opening Carol Medley, your audience will be tapping their toes right through the calypso sound of God Gave a Gift, clapping their hands to the up beat Angels Rejoicing and standing to the end of We wish you a Merry Christmasfinale, sung like no other.

This is the night for Miss Becky’s Sunday school Class annual “Christmas Caroling Gift Exchange Party”.  Through the easy-to-learn dialog, 5 of the students take the audience through the wonderful evening of caroling, decorating, and most of all, exchanging gifts!

As they are going through their traditional routine they begin to realize there is more to Christmas than just receiving. The children begin to take the spot light off of themselves and discover the ultimate gift exchange, which is Jesus giving himself to us in exchange for our sins.

Angels Unaware

This super musical is set in heaven and features angel characters. Gabriel calls
a meeting to announce God’s plan to send His Son to Earth. The angels are
shocked to learn that Jesus will be sent to Earth as a baby. This 35-minute
musical has an excellent message, superb music, six speaking parts, and works
well with puppets, all choir, or both together. Written by Kathie Hill and Janet

Free Christmas Plays

Ministry to Kids. Com has a variety of great Christmas skits without music you could also use.

America’s 25 Favorite Christmas Songs for Kids

Use these songs to supplement a free Christmas play or have the children perform these split track songs instead of a major Christmas musical.

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