Leadership Challenge for Children’s Ministry

A leader never stops growing, never stops learning. So my leadership challenge for you in 2013 is to do things to grow as a leader including:

Grow Spiritually. See the prayer and Bible challenges posted earlier this week.

Read books on children’s ministry, organization and planning, and leadership. Readers grow as people and as leaders.

Learn a new skill you can use in ministry such as puppetry, balloon animals, or video editing. If you are already learning a new skill, consider how you can use it in ministry.

Mentor others. Spend time with your students and with your workers. Share with them and pour into them.

Do something different. There’s nothing that gets your creative juices flowing than doing something you’ve never done before. If it doesn’t work out, figure out why or don’t do it again. You’ve still gained valuable insight by trying.

Spend time planning and organizing. The greatest leaders are those who realize they need to plan what they want to accomplish.

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