Project Management For Children’s Pastors: Work Your Plan

Now that you have your project plan in place, it’s time to work the plan. Here’s a few things to remember.

Meet With Your Team Often: Follow up on your team members’ progress. Make sure they haven’t run into any difficulties. Communication is the key to teamwork. Remember we live in the computer age. Meeting with your team doesn’t always mean a meeting at church or in person. Use email, Facebook, and video conferencing to save time.

Tweak The Plan: You may need to find replacements for your team members, change the timeline, or find additional resources. These problems will crop up. Expect them and be ready to tweak your plan.

Time For God & Yourself: Remember your priorities. Don’t get so bogged down in the project that you neglect time with God and your family. Also take an occasional afternoon off to regroup.

Document Everything: Write down everything you do and keep great records. This will help you not have to reinvent the wheel every year when a project comes up again. Documentation will save you time in the long run.

Have Fun: Don’t forget to have fun. This is children’s ministry.

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