Christmas Musicals 2013

If you haven’t already chosen the Christmas play for your children to perform this Christmas, you don’t have much time left. Here are a few new ones out this year:

An Out of the Box Christmas

This musical takes place at the final dress rehearsal for the Christmas pageant. The costumes finally arrive and when they are pulled “out of the box,” they are all wrong. Working together, the children come up with some unique, comical and heartfelt ways to share the Christmas message with their friends and family. After all, if God can use a donkey to speak to Balaam and a burning bush to speak to Moses… he can surely use cowboys, pirates, and cheerleaders to tell his love story.

This 35-minute musical has 12 speaking parts: an adult female director, an older boy in charge of props, a young girl in charge of costumes, three wise men dressed as cowboys, a sweet little girl, two angels dressed as cheerleaders, two shepherds dressed as pirates, and an adult male who owns the costume shop. There are other opportunities for small solos and readings from Luke 2.

Created by Celeste Clydesdale, arranged by David T. Clydesdale.

Christmas in Black and White

Come take a visit to the Polar Pet Park, along with a middle school field trip. The penguins at the park don’t understand why the school kids don’t mention or understand the real meaning of Christmas, so they decide to help the kids discover the real meaning of Christmas.

Through a fun but meaningful drama and seven songs, this 45-minute Christmas musical will remind your audience that Christmas is not just another holiday, but a special day when God sent his one and only Son, Jesus, to be born in a manger in Bethlehem.

Characters include Miss LaToe (a teacher), four middle-school students (two girls and two boys), Paw Paw (the man who manages the Polar Pet Park), and four penguins: Paco (who wears a sombrero), Pinky (who wears a pink tutu), Puffy (who just loves to eat), and Cody (the “normal” penguin). Additional singers can be costumed as penguins.

Created by Jeff Slaughter.

Christmas Carol Special Report

Many of the carols we enjoy and sing at Christmas have exciting histories from countries around the world. Giving us the scoop on these festive songs of the birth of Christ, and coming to us “live” from the television studios of KMAS, we tune into The Christmas Carol Special Report! Join Jim and Natalie (news anchors at KMAS) and three on-location reporters stationed across the globe, as they broadcast Christmas carolers “live” and give some remarkable history behind Christmas celebrations around the world!

This Simple Plus musical is 20 minutes long and includes five songs, all familiar Christmas carols or carol medleys. There are five speaking parts plus three brief readings. Created by Rhonda Frazier, Luke Gambill and Brian Green.

Great Big Story

Inspire your kids with this fun-filled children’s Christmas musical with a great big message of God’s love. A Sunday school class Christmas party becomes a tell-a-thon when class members take turns telling parts of the biblical Christmas story.

Designed to be easy-to-sing and easy-to-stage, this 22-minute musical has six speaking parts – a Sunday school teacher, three girls and two boys, plus optional non-speaking roles for Mary, Joseph, an angel, wise men, and shepherds.

Created by Allie Lapointe and Dave Clark.

Where’s Baby Jesus (Preschoolers)

Teach your preschoolers the good news of Jesus in a way they will remember with this 15-minute musical created especially for them! When children discover baby Jesus missing from the nativity, an all-out search ensues, paralleled by our spiritual search for Jesus to ask Him into our hearts. This energetic musical will have your preschoolers jumping, singing and learning. Written by Cherry Garasi, published by Lillenas.

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