New Resource – Spirit Heroes The Adventure Begins

I’ve come across a new resource for Pentecostal parents of children how are at the early reader stage. Spirit Heroes are story books to show children how they can operate in the gifts through the Holy Spirit.

Spirit HeroesSpirit Heroes

The Adventure Begins

Chad, Ada, Buddy, Ryan, and Carley had always done everything together, growing up in  the same neighborhood they were virtually inseparable, so their decision to accept Jesus  seemed no different, but what was to follow was anything but ordinary.

Chosen by God  as His Spirit Heroes, their assignment is now to bring truth and power through the Holy  Spirit to the world. In Spirit Heroes: The Adventure Begins an eye-opening incident leaves them awestruck by God’s amazing power and a call to arms means this adventure is far from over.

You can find out more about Spirit Heroes and learn about parent resources at this link.

My Review:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

The story in this book is a cute way to introduce young children to the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit with an interesting, full-color storybook. It is well written and the illustrations are well done. I recommend this storybook for Pentecostal parents to teach their children more about the Holy Spirit.

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