6 Keys to Effective Bible Story Telling

1. Know the story by heart: If you get the facts wrong or constantly have to look them up during the story, you’ll lose your student.

2. Use changes in your voice: When telling a Bible story, change your voice for each character. Also change the tone and volume of your voice to gain interest.

3. Use a variety of methods: Don’t use the same method every time you tell a Bible story. To be effective, change it up from time to time. Here’s three methods you could use.

  • Video (Make them short to emphasis main point)
  • Drama (Could use person dressed as a Bible character or have children act out the story)
  • Objects (Use objects to illustrate the story.)

4. Use an element of surprise: Do something your students aren’t expecting like lighting flash paper to illustrate fire coming from Heaven

5. Always apply the story to the children’s lives. If you don’t have a life application to the story, it’s just a story.

6. Decide ahead of time what you want the children to learn. Everything you do in children’s ministry should have a purpose. That includes what your want children to learn from the Bible stories you tell.



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