3 Teaching Models You Can Use for Children’s Ministry

DSC_1118There are three basic teaching models that can be used for children’s ministry classes although there are variations to these models. There is no right or wrong method, and you can use different models for the same class from time to time.

Classroom Model: The classroom model is where the students sit around a table or on the floor and are taught the entire lesson in one setting. This model works best when there is student interaction and creative methods of teaching are employed.

Rotation Model: The rotation model is used mostly in VBS programs, but it can be used in other teaching settings. Basically you split the children up into age groups or randomly. Each group rotates from class to class. One teacher may do the Bible story. Another will do a game. The third teacher might do a learning activity. There are many variations of this model.

Children’s Service: This model is set up like a service for children. It starts with fast music and activities and games then moves to skits and object lessons, and proceeds to worship followed by a children’s sermon and prayer. This is a great method when you need to incorporate different age groups together. It also prepares children for adult worship services.

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