10 Great Tips For Children’s Minsitry Team Meetings

Here’s some ideas to change a boring Children’s Ministry Team meeting that conveys information you could email to your team members into a great meeting your team won’t want to miss.

1. Plan Agenda:  This shouldn’t even have to be said, but plan the agenda for your meeting, and have all the resources you need ready to go. A meeting that wastes time is sure to have few attendees.

2. Play Creative Games:  There are three reasons for this. First it will add fun and excitement to your meetings. Second it will promote unity and team building skills. Last it will get the creative juices flowing to make your meeting more productive. Invest in a book of games to bolster creativity. Here’s one idea. Have everyone write twenty ways a cat and a refrigerator are alike.

3. Stay Focused:  Sometimes a member of your team will go off on rabbit trails that have nothing to do with your agenda. Politely keep the meeting focused by waiting until that person takes a breath and then saying “Okay, let’s get back to the next item.” If you allow the meeting to follow those bunny trails, at the end of the day, it will have accomplished nothing.

4. Pray:  Take time at the beginning of your meetings to pray for each other and for wisdom.

5. Allow Member’s Imput:  If a children’s ministry team meeting is only to inform your team what you’ve decided and what you want them to do, then your team is not a team. You’re treating them more like employees. If this is your purpose in having meetings, save everyone some time and email them the info. A great team gives imput and helps the children’s ministry grow with their ideas. Allow time in your meeting for your team to give imput.

6. Problem Solving:  Let your meetings be a safe place for team members to bring up problems. Then use the team to find solutions to these problems.

7. Cast the Vision: At every meeting, take a few minutes to remind your team about the vision God has given you for the children’s ministry. Team members will be more effective if they know the vision.

8. Encourage Only:  Never use children’s ministry team meetings as a time to address concerns with team members. This should only be done in private. Meeting should be a time to encourage your team.

9. Leadership Training:  Children’s Ministry meetings are a great time to have a few minutes of leadership training. Keep it short and to the point. This is a meeting not a training session. But encouraging growth is always a great idea. One suggestion is to study a book together. On Friday, I’ll list a number of leadership books to chose from.

10. Share Information:  Always take a couple of minutes to allow team members to share information. A team member may know something about a child that will help you minister. Another team member might know somebody who wants to work in children’s ministry and is just waiting to be asked.

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