Reader Survey Results

I took a reader survey for Revival Fire for Kids so that I could make this blog more effective for my readers’ needs. Here are the results.

Gender: 75% of my readers are female. 25% are male. No surprise there since there are more women in children’s ministry than men.

Position Held: Over 62% of said you were a volunteer children’s pastor or director. Truthfully I am surprised the percentage wasn’t higher since many churches don’t understand the importance of children’s ministry or they can’t afford to hire staff in this economy.

All of the people taking the survey who were paid (12.6%) listed that they were full time. 25% of my readers said they are children’s ministry teachers or workers.

Children’s Ministry Attendance: Most of you (62.5%) said you have between 10 and 30 students on average. I think that’s pretty much the average for most children’s ministries. The following came in at 12.5% each: 30-50, 50-100, over 500. Nobody stated their attendance was under 10 or 100-500.

Worker That Report to You: Half of you (50%) said 6-10 workers report to you. Next were the readers who had 1-5 workers (35.5%). 12.5% had over 50 workers who report to them.

How Long in Children’s Ministry: Although this isn’t true of most people in children’s ministry, my readers have longevity and experience with 37.5% having worked in children’s ministry for over 20 years and 50% having worked 11-20 years. Only 12/5% worked 6-10 years, and nobody who took the survey worked less than that. You all deserve a round of applause for your service. But you won’t get your real rewards until you get to Heaven and see the children who are there because of you.

Denomination: Half (50%) of my readers claimed no denominational identity. 37.5% were full Gospel (Pentecostal) and 12.5% were Baptist.

Calling: A whopping 62.5% of you said children’s ministry is a lifetime calling. Of those who didn’t answer that way, 25% said they a helping in children’s ministry said they are helping in children’s ministry because they love children, and 12.55 said they are doing it because someone needs to.

Biggest Hurdle to Children Serving God: Most of you felt the family is to blame: 35.5 % each for breakdown of the family and parents who don’t teach their children the Bible. The rest said anti-Christian culture (12.5%) or all of the above.

Biggest Problem: Most of you thought your biggest problem is lack of workers (87.5%). The second largest answer (37.5%) is finding good curriculum. Later this summer, I’ll have a series on how to recruit workers. Revival Fire for Kids is also going to launch more curriculum later this year and has plans to write 3 years worth of downloadable curriculum.

Other problems mentioned were lack of training (25%), attitude of congregation (25%), lack of resources (12.5%), not enough money (12.5%), lack of time or organizational skills (12.5%), and lack of leadership skills (12.5%). Three people wrote in answers that include in a temporary facility, only a few have a vision for winning kids to Christ, and keeping up with growth (a great problem to have). Nobody said they are burnt out which is good.

Blog Posts you find most helpful in order:

Supplements for Lessons (37.5%)

Ministry Ideas (25%)

Resource Information and Reviews (12.5%)

Information about Leading Children into the Presence of God (12.5%)

One person wrote in all of the above. After I posted the survey, I thought that I probably should have allowed more than one answer. I might post another survey with this question allowing more than one answer in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone who took this survey. It helps me help you. God bless you in your ministry.







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