Christmas Musicals 2014

If you haven’t already chosen the Christmas play for your children to perform this Christmas, you don’t have much time left. Here are a few you might want to look at this year:

David's DynastyDavid’s Dynasty  (Brentwood)

A Bearded Family of Shepherds Finding their Heritage in the CHRISTMAS Story!

On the hills outside of Bethlehem, a family of inquisitive, energetic shepherds discovers the meaning of being part of the “royal dynasty” that will one day produce a new king for their people. As they explore what the prophets said would happen in “boring Bethlehem,” they become part of the story unfolding on the night Jesus was born. They learn that even though you may have to wait to see it happen, God always keeps His promises. And in the end, they realize that every one of us is invited to be part of a dynasty – God’s great family which we join when we believe in His Son. So, come join the humorous and side-splitting adventure of “David’s Dynasty!”

Just BelieveJust Believe  (Lillienas)

A Children’s Christmas Musical about Trusting God

The story of Just Believe begins with a children’s choir preparing to leave on a Christmas tour to the Big City Convention Center to perform. Unfortunately, their bus driver breaks his leg and is unable to drive to the event. Miss Lila prays for direction and feels the Lord is leading the children to sing at the Heavenly Peace Retirement Center across the street. The children are not thrilled with the idea because they long for the lights and glamour of the convention center. The children meet Grandpa Eddie, Miss Mary, and Miss Daisy, some wonderful seniors, who teach them about Christmases of old and the true meaning of Christmas.
The mission project for this musical is to encourage every choir performing Just Believe to adopt a senior citizen’s center at Christmas.
Hopefully this musical will help children everywhere to look for the light of Jesus when a door is closed to them.

Out of the BoxAn Out of the Box Christmas  (Lillienas)

Spark the imagination of your congregation with the creativity and child-like faith of An Out-of-the-Box Christmas! When boxes show up at a dress rehearsal with all the wrong costumes, the kids have no other choice than to think out of the box. Created for a cast of 14 along with a children’s choir, Celeste and David T. Clydesdale have pulled out all the stops to make this musical unforgettable. And to simplify the work for you, a Teacher’s Resource Kit with PDF lessons and activities are available, as well as a live performance demonstration video and a movement instruction video. Embolden your kids and adults alike to share the good news of Jesus Christ with An Out of the Box Christmas! Highly-recommended!

Sing a Song of ChristmasSing a Song of Christmas (Brentwood)

A Simple Christmas Musical for Kids

Sing A Song Of Christmas is a simple musical for children that celebrates the birth of Christ using familiar carols and easy narration. This 20-minute program is easy-to-learn and presents the Christmas story in a fun way that children can understand and enjoy. Everyone loves to hear children sing – especially at Christmas, so let the joy of the season ring throughout your church as your children present Sing A Song Of Christmas.

Children's Christmas Dramas for the Church YearChildren’s Dramas for the Church Year (Abington Press)

Reproducible Drama for Advent and Christmas

Twenty-two children’s Christmas dramas to be performed by children of all ages! You’re sure to find a Christmas production to fit your needs – from simple recitations with claps and snaps for young children to short dramatic presentations with costumes and music for older children. Includes production notes, characters, dialogue, and music as used in different productions. 59 pages, 6″ x 9″, softcover.

Christmas Play by Play (Cathy’s Music)

Tell your kids to grab their baseball hats and kazoos and meet you at Bethlehem Stadium for Christmas Play by Play!

The baseball team is about to learn that their new coach has arrived – Jesus!  This is the savior they have been waiting for and your children will be there to greet God’s gift to the team and the whole world.  Reserve your seat at Bethlehem Stadium and join us as we celebrate Emmanuel . . .  God is with us every single day!

This Christmas program features 9 kid-friendly Christmas songs that include 5 Christmas carols. Songs include free instructions for including motions, hand rhythms & sign language.


2 responses to “Christmas Musicals 2014

  1. how much is the out of the Christmas box Christmas program

  2. Hi, Kim. I don’t sell musicals, but I have the titles linked to where you can buy them. If you click on the link, it should tell you the prices.

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