Characteristics of the Homelander Generation

6b2dc-summer2bbible2breadingThis is what the experts are saying about the Homelander Generation.

Homelander Generation will not be team players.

Generations tend to cycle. Generations who work as team players usually are followed by a generation of individualists. Millennials are team players. They’re so team oriented they feel nothing is accomplished unless they work at it as a group. But the Homelander Generation won’t be that way. One reason is because this generation has been given unusual names. Names are important, and common names help people fit in and be part of a group. Uncommon names make people feel different and encourage them to think of themselves more as individuals.

Homelander Generation will be more self-directed.

Millinnials have been overparented. They’re the good kids who don’t know what to do unless they’re told. Generation X was left to its own devises by parent and there became very self-directed. Now there’s a trend to back up when it comes to parenting. Although the less focused parenting is not as extreme as with Generation X, the Homelander Generation will be more self-directed than the Millinnials are.

Homelander Generation will process information quickly.

This is the generation who will never know what it’s like to live in the computer information age. Because of this, they adapt to deal more efficiently with more information. This generation will be so good at processing information they will open doors we can only knock on today.

Homelander Generation will be smarter.

Millinnials have been the most educated generation in US history. But the next generation could be even smarter.

My next post will discuss ways we can effectively minister to the Homelander Generation.

2 responses to “Characteristics of the Homelander Generation

  1. Great information Tamera! Looking forward to the next post

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