Children’s Ministry Sale for Lent

Revival Fire 4 Kids Lent Sale

10% off Everything

FREE Shipping on orders over $100.00

During Lent, Revival Fire 4 Kids Webstore is having a sale. It starts today!

Along with the regular items Revival Fire 4 Kids sells, we are also now selling:

Gospel Illusions (These are only a few available)

All have Sinned    Eternal Insurance Policy     Power in the Blood


Puppets (Every age group & multiracial plus specialty puppets. Only a few shown here.)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Brain Heart Mouth Puppet

Devil PuppetFull Body Puppet Dad Carlos HispanicFull Body Puppet Mom Barbara African American    Full Body Puppet Cindy pink





Other Resources:


Puppets to Life DVD

Childrens program set










Follow Me Cover Pagekidkonnection6





Journey to Easter Curriculum

Journey to Easter Cover

Here are the discounts you can use until Easter, April 5th:

Any order under $100.00 is 10% off the price.

Spend $100.00 or more and receive the 10% discount plus FREE SHIPPING!

No codes are needed for these discounts!

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