Global 4/14 Day – Pray for Children

Global Day (2)

We need to pray for children, age 4-14. That’s why Children’s Ministry International has a 4/14 Global Day set aside each year to pray for children.

Why we need to pray for these children:

Children age 4 through 14 comprise the largest demographic worldwide. If this age is reached for Christ, a great awakening would sweep the planet.

Children all over the world are suffering. Many are living in poverty or war torn nations. Some are being abused by those who should protect them. Some are sold into slavery. There are those children who may not live another day because they and their families are Christians. That doesn’t even cover disease, drought, and natural disasters. Children need prayer for protection.

85% of everyone who gets saved, accepts Christ between the ages of 4 and 14. Yet many churches focus mainly on adult evangelism and discipleship.

You can download a prayer guide here.

While I support praying for children in the 4/14 Window, I do not support the “movement discernment” letter posted on the Global 4/14 Website. This letter is full of misrepresentations. Also this organization has decided to exclude Charismatic, Pentecostal, and Prayer Movements. Prayer movements should include the entire body of Christ. I’m sorry for any confusion.

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