4 Ways to Communicate with Parents

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Communication is one of the key factors in partnering with parents. Most children’s ministries only communicate with the parents of their students to let them know about an upcoming event or program. This is not enough.

If you truly want to communicate with parents, you need to let them know what’s going on in children’s ministry, what your goals and core values are, where you’re headed, and what you’re teaching. Not everyone communicates the same way, so you’ll need a variety of methods.

like master isolatedOne way to do this is through Social Media. A blog or website page can help parents know about upcoming events, but a Facebook Group will also let parents get involved in communicating.

Putting a paper in parents’ hands is another way to communicate. Computer technology makes it easy to create newsletters, fliers, and bulletins. You may want to not only pass these out to children to give to their parents, but also mail them to each parent.

Email, FB Messaging, and texting are another way to inform parents about what is going on. Have a sign-up sheet for parents to give you their information and which way they prefer to be notified.

PARENT MEETINGCommunication, to be effective, needs the personal touch. Call the parents of your students or visit them. When you do talk with them, don’t only talk. Ask them what they would like to see as spiritual growth in their children. Communication is a two way street.

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