5 Ways to Create an Atmosphere for God to Move in Children’s Church

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The Holy Spirit moves as He will during children’s ministry, but we have the ability to create an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit will change the lives of our students. Here are 5 ways to create an atmosphere to allow God to move.

Be prepared. Get set up early. Don’t be distracted by trying to get everything ready at the last minute. If you can’t come early to set up, go to the church the night before. Also have your lesson prepared in advance along with any objects or workers you need.

raising handsPrepare yourself spiritually. You can’t take children where you haven’t been. If you want the Holy Spirit to move in children’s church, spend some time in His presence during the week.

Play praise and worship music before church. Spend some time before service playing praise and worship music and spending time worshiping before any children arrive. This sets an atmosphere of worship.

Anoint the chairs and doors with oil. Pray for the students to receive from God before the service begins.

Group Of School Children Singing In Choir TogetherStart the right way. Don’t let things get out of control by allowing discipline problems or unstructured free time as soon as the students enter into the room. Take spiritual authority over your children’s service from the moment the first student enters.


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