A Word For 2013

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Many times, as I’m praying about something, God gives me a word for the New Year. More often than not, that word is not just for me, but for many who read my blog. This year is no exception. I was praying, asking God if I was going in the right direction, or if I should be doing something else. I heard Him speak to me clearly. He said, “Finish it!”

Many times, when we’re discouraged and nothing seems to be happening, we wonder whether we’re on the right path. But God is in charge of the results, and He knows when the door will open and the breakthrough will come. Our responsibility is to continue in the path He’s directed us.

So what is it you need to finish this year?

2 thoughts on “A Word For 2013

  1. Hello I am the youth director at our church in Princeton WV which is called Princeton Praise and Worship Center and I seen on your web sight that you visited churches in previous years and I was just wondering if you still did that we are just a small church with about 50 youth and we were wanting to do something for them to get them on fire for the LORD is these last days.
    Thank you Kim Sizemore

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