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Longevity in Kidmin with Eric Stephens Ignite Kidmin Podcast

Many children's pastors struggle to continue serving in children's ministry. Pastor Eric Stephens and Pastor Tamera Kraft have both been in children's ministry a long time and share their stuggles along the way and what kept them going.
  1. Longevity in Kidmin with Eric Stephens
  2. Kids in Ministry with Chris Taylor
  3. Interview with Pastor Lynn Swank about the FOCUS Kidmin Conference
  4. How Revival Fire for Kids Can Help Your Kidmin
  5. Building Foundations Curriculum: POWER TOOLS

Does Your Kidmin Emphasis Head Knowledge or Heart Knowledge?

Teaching the Bible systematically to children is important. I go so far to say it’s essential to have children grow up knowing the Word of God, but it’s not enough. Children need to have a heart knowledge of God even more than they need head knowledge. Children need to internalize the truths they learn and make them they’re own. To do this, they need to have their own relationship with God. Here’s some things to consider to determine if the children in your ministry have a heart knowledge.

WishingSalvation: Too many ministries focus on helping children know how to be good according to the Bible. It’s important for children to know what God expects from them, but they can never be good enough to please God. Children need to know that they are sinners and that Christ died for them so they could be set free from the curse of sin. He took their punishment. Until they give their sin to Him, they will never be saved no matter how good they are or how often they attend church.

Depositphotos_69423471_originalChanged Lives: Children need to know that when they are saved, their lives will change. They will want to please God and stay away from sin, and when they do sin, they can go to God to make it right. All morality and good works should stem from their relationship with God, not from trying to do good works or check the boxes to be a “good” Christian.

Cute african girlA Living Sacrifice: We need to teach children to understand that when they are saved, they’re giving their lives to God. God now has control and has a direction for their lives they need to follow. The more children yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit in their lives, the stronger they will grow spiritually.

Revival Celebration 1.2bHoly Spirit: Children don’t have a junior Holy Spirit. God has provided the fullness of the Holy Spirit in every Christian’s life regardless of age. We need to teach our children to seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit and to yield to His direction in their lives. As they are continually being filled with the Holy Spirit, they can expect to be filled with love, grace, joy, peace, and power in their lives. The more they yield, the more they’ll be filled.

Revival Celebration 2.6Relationship: We need to teach children that once they are saved, they have a right relationship with the God who created the universe. They can talk to Him through prayer. They can get guidance from Him through the Bible. They can ask Him anything, and He will answer. They can fellowship with Him and come into His presence through praise and worship. When children have a relationship like this with God, they won’t fall away as teenagers or adults. They will stand firm through all the trials of life.

Building Foundations Curriculum: BUILDING A FORTRESS IN GOD

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BUILDING A FORTRESS IN GOD is a 13 week Spiritual Warfare Children’s Church Curriculum that teaches children that because God is all powerful, they don’t have to be afraid. It includes these lessons:

Lesson 1: The Lord Is My Light

Lesson 2: The Name of Jesus

Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit Guides Us

Lesson 4: The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Lesson 5: My Worship is a Weapon

Lesson 6: The Truth Matters (The Belt of Truth)

Lesson 7: I Can Pray When I’m In Trouble (Breastplate of Righteousness)

Lesson 8: God Gives Me the Words to Say (Shoes of the Gospel of Peace)

Lesson 9: My Faith in God is My Shield (Shield of Faith)

Lesson 10: My God Makes Me Brave (The Helmet of Salvation)

Lesson 11: Basic Training in God’s Word (Sword of the Spirit)

Lesson 12: My Enemy

Lesson 13: Our Victory

Click Here for a Sample Lesson.

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