Bible Stories You Can Use for Mother’s Day

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Here’s a few Bible Stories you can easily use with a Mother’s Day application.

Eve: (Genesis 4) Eve was the first mother. She loved her sons very much even when they disappointed her just as our mothers love us.

Jochebed, Moses’ Mother: (Exodus 2:1-10) Jochebed risked danger to save her son, Moses, just as our mothers sacrifice themselves for us.

Hannah, Mother of Samuel: (1 Samuel 1 – 2:11) Samuel’s mother dedicated him to God and showed she loved him by making him a new coat every year. Our mothers provide all kinds of good things for us as well.

Bathsheba, Mother of Solomon: (1 Kings 1; 2:13-25; Proverbs 31) Solomon became king of Israel, but he still loved, listened to, and honored his mother. We should do the same for our mothers.



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