Building Foundations Curriculum: BUILDING A FORTRESS IN GOD

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BUILDING A FORTRESS IN GOD is a 13 week Spiritual Warfare Children’s Church Curriculum that teaches children that because God is all powerful, they don’t have to be afraid. It includes these lessons:

Lesson 1: The Lord Is My Light

Lesson 2: The Name of Jesus

Lesson 3: The Holy Spirit Guides Us

Lesson 4: The Joy of the Lord is My Strength

Lesson 5: My Worship is a Weapon

Lesson 6: The Truth Matters (The Belt of Truth)

Lesson 7: I Can Pray When I’m In Trouble (Breastplate of Righteousness)

Lesson 8: God Gives Me the Words to Say (Shoes of the Gospel of Peace)

Lesson 9: My Faith in God is My Shield (Shield of Faith)

Lesson 10: My God Makes Me Brave (The Helmet of Salvation)

Lesson 11: Basic Training in God’s Word (Sword of the Spirit)

Lesson 12: My Enemy

Lesson 13: Our Victory

Click Here for a Sample Lesson.

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