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Halloween Puppet Skit – Make Demons Tremble

DSC_1034Make Demons Tremble

by Tamera Kraft

This skit needs a devil puppet and a super hero puppet.

SIN: (Comes dancing in happy and excited.) Oh how I love this time of year. Everybody is worshipping me. Children are holding seines to conjure up my demons. Scary movies are putting my spirit of fear into people. My witches are sacrificing animals and children to me. Evil men are poisoning candy. I just love Halloween. As for those Christians, they hide out on Halloween. I’ve got them running scared and now I’m coming after you….ha…ha…ha. (Music begins playing.) What’s that. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh no! It’s Scripture Man.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     Yes, Mr. Sin. I’m Scripture Man, strange visitor from heaven who came to Earth to give the Sword of the Word of God to anyone who will use it.

SIN: Well your sniveling little Christian won’t use the Word of God tonight. They’re trembling in their homes. They’re scared of me on Halloween.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     Not this Halloween, Mr. Sin. This Halloween, God’s calling an army to make demons tremble tonight and every night.

SIN: (looks a little scared.) You can’t make me tremble tonight. Halloween’s my property.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     God can make you tremble every night. James 2:19 says that you know there is a God and it makes you tremble.

SIN: (looking very scared. Pleading.) But this is Halloween. Please just let me have this one night. I promise I won’t bother any Christians. Please, just one night.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     You have made Halloween a night of darkness. But John 1:5 says that the light      shines in the darkness. We Christians are taking Halloween back. We are going to shine in the darkness you’ve created.

SIN: I won’t go. You can’t make me.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     James 4:7 says, “Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he must flee from you.

SIN: (whining) Please don’t.

SCRIPTURE MAN:     Mark 16:17 says that if we believe in Jesus, then in his name we can drive out demons. Children, on the count of three, I want you to drive Mr. Sin out of here by shouting the name of Jesus. Ready…1…2…3 IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

(Mr. Sin shrieks in terror and disappears.)

SCRIPTURE MAN:     Remember, Children, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Good-bye. (Flies away.)

©  2001, Revival Fire 4 Kids, Tamera Kraft

Take Your Faith Back to School by Pat Holland

A friend of mine, Pat Holland, a children’s ministry evangelist and consultant, wrote a blog post with a Children’s Church lesson and skit that she gave me permission to share.

Take Your Faith Back to School

by Pat Holland

Use this as a devotion or a  quick skit that uses 3 actors. (I rewrote it for actors and the teacher to use in class.) Let the actors use their personalities to jazz it up.

Backpack? Check!

Notebooks? Check!

64 Pencils? Really? 64? Reluctantly…Check!

Faith? What is faith doing on my “Back to School Supply List” ?

So just why do I need to take “faith” to school with me?

Three reasons you need to take your faith with you.

1. Faith isn’t a church thing.

2. Faith is trusting God to be with you and help you in every area of your life—home, school and even church.

3. Faith connects us with God’s strength, ability and His plan for your life.

1. To remind you that Jesus is with you and wants to help you in school.

2. To remind you to ask Him for help.

3. To inspire you to do your best.

4. To remind you that this really is going to be a great year.

5. To share with your friends. Ron Hutchcraft always told his kids as they left for school each morning, “Go MAD.” They knew he was saying, “Go Make A Difference.” You can make your school, your class a better place, if you take your faith in Christ with you!

I hope your school year is off to a great start. I pray that you’ll learn lots of new things. I remember what school was like and I remember there are challenges that come with it. So take your faith with you- don’t leave home without it.


Faith Back to School Skit

If you choose to use this devotion as a skit you will need 3 kids or 3 puppets. Child number 1 has the list and is looking inside the backpack, the other 2 have the back pack on their backs ready for school.

Child 2: Would you hurry? I want to see if Zac is at the bus stop!

Child 3:  You know Zac is always late!

Child 1: My teacher said, I had to have all my supplies there no later than today, so let me check my list one more time. Backpack? Check! Notebooks? Check! 64 Pencils? Really? 64? (Reluctantly) OK! Faith?

Child 2: What is faith doing on your “Back to School Supply List” ?

Child 1: My mom put it there to remind me that taking my faith to school is just as important as taking all the supplies on my list.

Child 2: Really? Why do you need to take “faith” to school? Isn’t that a church thing?

Child 3: No. Faith is trusting God to be with you and help you in every area of your life—home and school. Church is just a place where we learn about faith.

Child 1: Faith turns on the faucet of God’s strength in my life. He helps me with school. When I take my faith to school, it reminds me to ask Him to help me.

Child 3: Taking my faith to school make me want to do my best.

Child 1: Taking my faith to school reminds me that this really is going to be a great year.

Child 2: And do I need to remind you, we’re going to be late if we don’t run! (All run off the stage.)

Teacher: I hope your school year is off to a great start. I pray that you’ll learn lots of new things. I remember what school was like and I remember there are challenges that come with it.  That’s why you need your faith, but there’s one more reason that they didn’t mention. Take your faith to school and share it. Ron Hutchcraft always told his kids as they left for school each morning, “Go MAD.” They knew he was saying, “Go Make A Difference.”  You can make your school, your class a better place, if you take your faith in Christ with you! So take your faith with you- don’t leave home without it.

For more informative blog posts written by Pat Holland and information about her ministry, Let Us Teach Kids, click this link.

The Resurrection And The Life Lesson (Lazarus Brought Back To Life) – Part 1

For the next week, I’ll be posting lessons for the 2 weeks leading up to Easter Sunday and Easter Sunday. You can make this series special by decorating your children’s church to look like Jerusalem with a cave on one side and a curtain with columns symbolizing the temple on the other. Also find characters to play the parts for the skit.

This is the lesson about Lazarus for two weeks before Easter.

Theme: Jesus Gives Us Life Eternal

Verse: John 11:25 Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will have life even if he dies.” ICB

Mummy Game:

Object: rolls of toilet paper

Have two teams. Give each team a roll of toilet paper. Give the teams 5 minutes to wrap their Lazarus in grave clothes. Whoever has the best mummy at the end of the 5 minutes wins.

Skit: Lazarus Story

Characters: Jesus, Lazarus, Jewish Man who tells the Story

Objects: cave, toilet paper, Bible costumes

Man dressed in robe and turban comes out and tells how Jesus really stirred things up the last couple of weeks. He says something similar to this.

I live in Jerusalem, but I went to visit some friends in Bethany a few days ago. My friends told me a neighbor of theirs died. This man, Lazarus was a friend of Jesus, that prophet who’s been going around teaching about God and healing people. I heard about him but I never met him. Anyway, Lazarus had died, and Jesus didn’t even come to the funeral. Lazarus sisters were pretty upset about. Then four days later, Jesus showed up. (Jesus comes up to the cave.) I visited the cave with my friends so I saw him coming up the road. He didn’t look like a prophet. One of Lazarus sisters told him he should have been there. If he had, Lazarus wouldn’t have died. She probably figured Jesus would heal Lazarus.

Anyway Jesus said something really strange. He said, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will have life even if he dies.”

I couldn’t believe it. Only God gives life. How could this man be the resurrection and life? And how can we live if we die. That just doesn’t make sense. Well let me tell you, that didn’t make me believe in him. First he doesn’t come to heal his friend. Then he doesn’t even come to the funeral. Then he says all this strange stuff about being the life.

But what happened next was even more amazing. Jesus told some men to roll the stone away from the cave door. They tried to tell him that the body would stink, but he wouldn’t listen. So they rolled the stone away. And let me tell you, it did stink. I’ve never smelled anything so bad. I would have left, but I wanted to see what Jesus was up to. He walked up to the cave. (Jesus walks up to the cave.) And he said something. (Jesus shout “Lazarus, come forth.” Lazarus comes out of the cave wrapped in toilet paper.)

I couldn’t believe it. Lazarus came back to life. Jesus told up to release him from his grave clothes. (Man unwraps Lazarus.) We had a big party to celebrate. I’d like to hear more about this Jesus. If he can bring people back to life, maybe he is who he says he is. Maybe he’s the Messiah, the one sent from God who has been promised. I’m going back to Jerusalem today, but I’d like to hear more about this Jesus.

For the complete lesson and two more lessons up to and including Easter, go to this link to buy downloadable curriculum, Journey to Easter.

Featured Book – Short Puppet Skits for Mermory Verses Book Giveaway Drawing

July Give-away and Sales Month Special Feature

Congratulations to Kathy McShane who won the “God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible”.

Short Puppet Skits For Memory Verses Book

by Tamera Kraft

Sale Price: $8.00

 Regular Price – $12.00

71 Short Monologue Puppet Skits to introduce the memory verse of the day. Skits for 5 different puppets common in most Children’s Ministries including these:

Scripture Man (a Bible hero puppet)

Heavenly Agent (a spy or angel puppet)

Kid James (a Bible puppet)

A heart puppet

Mighty Mike (a small boy puppet)

Each skit is about 2 minutes longs. Skits are arranged according to puppet and memory verse.

To order this puppet book, click hereto go to the Revival Fire For Kids Webstore. Sale prices will continue until the end of July.

You can enter a contest for the free email version of this puppet book in one of three ways:

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  3. Comment on this or any other post this week.

The drawing will be held on Monday.

Excerpts from the Puppet Book:

1 Timothy 4:12

SCRIPTURE MAN:    Hello, boys and girls. Sometimes it’s hard to always do what’s right, especially when you’re young. People don’t always think children can live for God. A young preacher felt the same way. He felt very alone in doing what was right. But Paul told him in 1 Timothy 4:12, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” Others may look down on you because you’re young. But God never will.

Luke 22:11

HEAVENLY AGENT:       Hello, boys and girls. I’m Heavenly Agent here to give you this week’s mission from the Word of God. When Jesus met with His disciples right before He went to the cross, He ate bread and drank with them. He used the bread and juice to teach them how His body would be broken and His blood would be shed for our sins. After Jesus prayed, He told them to eat the Lord’s Supper, sometimes called communion, often to remember what He did for them. Your mission, if you should decide to accept it is found on the viewing screen. Luke 22:19 says “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Jesus wants Christians everywhere to take communion so that you remember that Jesus died on the cross for you. As always, if you have any difficulty carrying out this mission, the Holy Spirit will be there to help you. This Heavenly Agent will return to Heaven in 5 seconds.

5…4…3…2…1…(Puppet disappears.)

Jeremiah 29:11

KID JAMES:     Ahoy, mates. My name is Kid James. I’m a Bible. But not just any Bible, I’m a children’s Bible. I just love to teach children the Word of God. Many children think that people like the pastor or the choir director or the children’s pastor are important people to God. They are the ones that God has a plan for. That is true but every child is also important to God. God has a plan for every child’s life. That plan is not just for when you grow up, although God does have a plan for you future. God has a plan for you to serve Him right now. You don’t have to be grown up to fulfill God’s plan for your life. You can serve Him right now. Jeremiah 29:11 says “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’” Remember, God has a plan for your life now and for the future. I need to be shipping off now. There are other kids I want to teach the Word of God to. Bye, Mates.

Christians Are Strange

Christians are Strange  

Psychiatrist:  I believe you know why you’re here.

Christian:      Yes, I was forced to come.

Psychiatrist:   Forced is a rather harsh word.  Lets just say you were acting in some very strange ways.  The police felt that for your own good and for the good of those around you that you should be evaluated.

Christian:       They didn’t ask how I felt about it.  They put me in handcuffs and told me I had no choice.

Psychiatrist:  All right.  That may be true.  But as long as your here why not make the best of it and cooperate.  The sooner we evaluate you, the sooner you can leave.

Christian:       O.K.

Psychiatrist:  The police say that when they picked you up, you were acting very strangely.  They say that you preaching about, I almost hate to say the word, Jesus at a park.  While you were preaching about (fumbles around) Jesus’ love some people came up to you and started cursing at you. 

Christian:       That’s right.

Psychiatrist:  The police said that this is when your behavior became very erratic.  You actually starting getting down on your news in some kind of religious frenzy and starting praying for these people.  Is all of this true?

Christian:       That’s right.

Psychiatrist:  We’re not accusing you of doing anything wrong.  We just want to help you.  O.K.

Christian:       O.K.

Psychiatrist:  Lets try to figure this out.  Were you praying for these people to stop harrasing you?

Christian:       Not exactly.

Psychiatrist:  Were you praying for God to punish them?

Christian:       Of course not.

Psychiatrist:  Then what exactly were you praying for?

Christian:       I was asking God to bless them.

Psychiatrist:  (getting upset)  Now Mr. Jones, can’t you understand why the police took you into custody.

Christian:       No.

Psychiatrist:  This radical strange behavior is not good for you.  It shows that you have a persecution complex.  Not only that, by basing this behavior on some fanatical Christian cult, you are not facing reality. 

Christian:       I can see the truth better that you can.

Psychiatrist:  What is the truth?

Christian:       Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

Psychiatrist:  Mr. Jones, I’m trying to help you here. 

Christian:       What can I do to help you?

Psychiatrist:  Your not supposed to help me.  I’m supposed to help you.  (calms down)  I have an idea.  I’ll give you hypothetical situations.  You tell me what your normal response to these situations would be.

Christian:       All right.

Psychiatrist:  If someone stole you coat, what would you do?

Christian:       I’d give him my jacket.

Psychiatrist:  Mr. Jones, that’s not an acceptable answer?

Christian:       I’m sorry.

Psychiatrist:  Lets try again.  Suppose somebody walked up to you and slapped you across the cheek.  What would you do?  Wouldn’t you be angry? 

Christian:       Of course I would.

Psychiatrist:  Good, that’s better.  What would you do then?  Would you punch him?

Christian:       No.

Psychiatrist:  No?

Christian:       I’d forgive him and let him slap me again.

Psychiatrist:  Mr. Jones, your not even trying.  What if somebody was your worst enemy?  What if he mistreated you and talked behind your back?  Now, what would you do?

Christian:      I would love him and pray for him.

Psychiatrist:  No, Mr. Jones.  You are not acting normally.  It’s obvious you need psyciatric help. 

Christian:       I don’t need help.  I’m a Christian.  I love God and I want to love others as He does.  I even want to help you.  How can I help you know the love of God?

Psychiatrist:  That’s enough Mr. Jones.  You are one of those Christian fanatics.  You don’t belong with normal people.  You are strange.

Christian:       That’s right.  The Bible says that we are not of this world.  I’m proud to be considered strange if it means I’m following Jesus example of love.  It’s normal people of this world who need help.  You need the love of Jesus in your heart. 

Psychiatrist:    I’m going to recommend you be locked up for your own good.

Christian:       I’ll pray for you.

Psychiatrist:   Aghhhh!

Christian:       And I forgive you.