Mother’s Day Gifts to Make in Children’s Church

One great way to celebrate Mother’s Day in children’s church or Sunday school is to have your students make gifts for their mothers. Here are a few ideas.

Handmade Card: Have all kinds of markers, crayons, stickers, and other items like buttons, sequence or glitter. so your students can make and decorate their own construction paper cards.

Pot and Seeds: Give each child a small pot with dirt in it. Have them plant a flower seed in the dirt. They can give this to their mom and let her know what kind of flower they planted.

Bookmarks: This is the same idea as the cards, but use cardstock and cut it in bookmark size strips.

Coupons: Have the children make redeemable coupons to place in their cards. Some idea for what to put on the coupons:

  • One Hug
  • One Kiss
  • Do the Dishes
  • Sweep the Floor
  • Feed the Dog
  • I’ll be quiet for a 1/2 hour.

Handprints: You can have the children dip their hands in washable paint and imprint their handprints on cardstock with their names and the date on it. You could also have the children make construction paper flowers. Another idea is to use plaster. Buy the plaster at a craft store. Don’t try to make it. Homemade plaster makes a mess and takes forever to dry.

Cookies or Brownies: If you want to get real adventurous, have your students help you make baked goods. Make sure there are enough for each child and each mom to have one.

Bible Stories You Can Use for Mother’s Day

Here’s a few Bible Stories you can easily use with a Mother’s Day application.

Eve: (Genesis 4) Eve was the first mother. She loved her sons very much even when they disappointed her just as our mothers love us.

Jochebed, Moses’ Mother: (Exodus 2:1-10) Jochebed risked danger to save her son, Moses, just as our mothers sacrifice themselves for us.

Hannah, Mother of Samuel: (1 Samuel 1 – 2:11) Samuel’s mother dedicated him to God and showed she loved him by making him a new coat every year. Our mothers provide all kinds of good things for us as well.

Bathsheba, Mother of Solomon: (1 Kings 1; 2:13-25; Proverbs 31) Solomon became king of Israel, but he still loved, listened to, and honored his mother. We should do the same for our mothers.



Ideas For Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother's DayMother’s Day is an important day for children. It a day when children honor their mothers, the backbone of the family. Here’s a few ideas for celebrating mothers and promoting family.

Family Game Night: Have a night for children and parents to get together at church and play board games.

Family Picnic: Have a picnic where children invite their families. Have special events or prizes just for mothers.

Mother/Daughter Tea Party: Instead of a mother/daughter banquet, how about a mother/daughter tea party. Have each mother and daughter bring their favorite tea cups and give out prizes for the prettiest, funniest, and most unusual. You could have a mother daughter look-a-like contest. You could also have a fashion show with old-fashioned clothes that were popular when the mothers were children or have mothers and daughters dress alike.

Gifts and Cards: Have children make gifts and homemade cards for their mothers during Sunday School or Children’s Church. Present the presents on Mother’s Day.

Mom’s Night Out: Give mom’s a night out by providing a fun night at the church where you’ll take care of their kids.

Special Mother’s Day Service: On Mother’s Day, have the children sing or do a drama in honor of their mothers.

Pictures: Have someone take photographs of mothers and their children on Mother’s Day.

Picture Contest: Collect pictures of moms when they were young and pictures of the children in your church. Have a contest for people to guess which children go with which mother. Give prizes for the winners.

Honor Mothers: Honor each mother who comes to church on Mother’s Day with a rose. Announce the oldest mother and the mother with the most children.

Children’s Message: In children’s church, preach a message on how children can honor their mothers.