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Children’s Ministry Sale for Lent

Revival Fire 4 Kids Lent Sale

10% off Everything

FREE Shipping on orders over $100.00

During Lent, Revival Fire 4 Kids Webstore is having a sale. It starts today!

Along with the regular items Revival Fire 4 Kids sells, we are also now selling:

Gospel Illusions (These are only a few available)

All have Sinned    Eternal Insurance Policy     Power in the Blood


Puppets (Every age group & multiracial plus specialty puppets. Only a few shown here.)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Brain Heart Mouth Puppet

Devil PuppetFull Body Puppet Dad Carlos HispanicFull Body Puppet Mom Barbara African American    Full Body Puppet Cindy pink





Other Resources:


Puppets to Life DVD

Childrens program set










Follow Me Cover Pagekidkonnection6





Journey to Easter Curriculum

Journey to Easter Cover

Here are the discounts you can use until Easter, April 5th:

Any order under $100.00 is 10% off the price.

Spend $100.00 or more and receive the 10% discount plus FREE SHIPPING!

No codes are needed for these discounts!

Journey to Easter Downloadable Curriculum Sale

Journey to Easter

Revival Fire 4 Kids Downloadable Curriculum

20 % Off Sale This Week Only

Ends Sunday, 16th at Midnight

Use this Coupon Code: Easter    1 per customer

3 complete downloadable lessons include:

3 memory verse puppet skits, 3 memory verse activities, 4 games, 3 Bible story skits, 8 object lessons, 1 Life Application Story, 3 messages, 2 crafts,                        1 activity, PPT power point slides for 3 lessons, and other materials.

Additional Resources also 20% off with same coupon code 





Additional Resources include: CD-Rom with all lessons, Power Point Presentations, and Jpegs for all Power Point slides. Also includes 2 Praise and Worship DVDs: High Voltage Power Praise Volume 2 and Made 2 Praise Volume 3 


Poll: Children’s Church Curriculum

Kid KonnectionSometime in early 2014, Revival Fire for Kids will launch it’s first one year downloadable curriculum. We want to produce a curriculum that meets your needs. Please take this poll to help us out. What three things are essential for Children’s Church Curriculum?

Resources For Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday is May 19, 2013. Pentecost means fifty and is fifty days after Easter. It’s also the day the Holy Spirit baptized believers and the church was started. After this outpouring of the Holy Spirit, crowds surrounded them to find out what the commotion was about. Peter, who had denied Jesus three times before the crucifixion, stood and boldly proclaimed the Word of God. Three thousand were saved, and the church was born. You can read about it in Acts 2.

This is a great time to teach children about the birth of the church. Revival Fire for Kids has curriculum on sale about Pentecost and the early days of the church. We also have DVDs on sale with music emphasizing evangelism and spreading the Gospel to the world. The sale lasts until Pentecost Sunday. Click on the pictures for links to the products and more information.

kidkonnection6Mighty Acts Lessons Include:

  • Prepare to Go
  • The Upper Room
  • The Father’s Promise
  • Magnificent Message
  • The Growing Church
  • Divine Healing
  • Under Threat
  • Prayer Power
  • Kingdom Power
  • Power In Jesus Name
  • Faith and Forgiveness
  • The Ministry of Believers
  • Witnesses to the World

made2praise7Made 2 Praise Volume 7 includes One Way and Tell the World as well as many others.




Made2praise14Made 2 Praise Volume 14 includes We Won’t Be Quiet as well as many others.

Revival Fire For Kids Products on Sale

There are a number of Revival Fire for Kids Products On Sale until September 30th. You can find the sale items at the store link here.

Here are some of the Sale Items:

Children’s Ministry Church Handbook Download

Reg. $10  Sale $3


Follow Me Downloadable Curriculum  Reg. $30  Sale $25

Follow Me Premium Edition Reg. 60  Sale $55


Kid Konnection 5: Kids Entering the Presence of God

Reg. $70  Sale $60


Uncle Charlie’s Made 2 Praise Vol. 15 Children’s Praise and Worship DVD

Reg. 20   Sale $15

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