Children’s Ministry Thanksgiving Songs

Here’s a list of songs that work great for Thanksgiving lessons now or any time of the year. They can be used to praise God for His blessings. The songs are all from Uncle Charlie’s Made 2 Praise DVD’s. Click on the song for the link where you can order them.

Say Hey, Made 2 Praise Vol. 1

Beautiful One, Made 2 Praise Vol. 4

Everything to Me, Made 2 Praise Vol. 5

Life is Good, Vol. 8

Deep Down Boogie, Made 2 Praise Vol. 10

Sunshine, Made 2 Praise Vol. 12

10 Favorite Children’s Church Worship Songs

Here’s my 10 favorite children’s church worship songs in no particular order.

All I Wanna Do  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 2)

You Are My King  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 3)

My Heart Your Home  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 3)

Your Love Is Deep  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 4)

I Surrender  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

Your Name  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

Mighty To Save  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

Offering  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

Live To Worship  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

My Savior My God  (Made 2 Praise Vol 12)

10 Favorite Children’s Church Praise Song

Here are my 10 favorite fast moving praise songs in no particular order. Beside them are the DVDs they come from and the link to order that DVD.

All Day  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

Shout  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)


No Other Name  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

I’m Not Ashamed  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 12)

Promises  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 10)

Majestic  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

You Never Let God  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 8)

Tell The World  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 7)

Cry Of My Heart  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 2)

My Best Friend  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 2)

Friday I’ll list my 10 favorite worship songs for children’s church.

10 Favorite Children’s Church Activity Songs

Listed below are my 10 favorite activity songs and the DVD they’re from in no particular order. There are links where you can buy them from my website store. All of these songs come from Uncle Charlie’s Made 2 Praise Series. You can order any Made 2 Praise DVD here. In my opinion, they are the best Children’s Church music on the market. That’s why I make them available at my site. Later in the week, I’ll list my 10 favorite praise songs and my 10 favorite worship songs for children’s church.

10 Favorite Activity Songs:


Deep Down Boogie  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 10)

Leaning Song  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)


Two By Two  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

Jesus Is A River Of Life  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 9)

I’ve Got The Joy (Made 2 Praise Vol. 12)

Bonkers (Made 2 Praise Vol. 11)

Inside My Heart  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 8)

Spin  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 8)

One Way Jesus  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 7)

 Joy  (Made 2 Praise Vol. 6)

10 More Great Children’s Church Songs Of The Past

Here’s a few more great children’s church songs of the past in no particular order.

Oh How I Love Jesus


His Banner Over Me Is Love


Deep and Wide


Arky Arky


I Am A Promise


Silver and Gold Have I None


Every Move I Make


Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho


I Have Decided To Follow Jesus


Everybody Ought To Know


That was fun. It’s always great to remember the past. Next week, I’ll list today’s favorites that I use in my kid’s crusades and where you can order them.

15 Great Children’s Church Songs From The Past

I’ve been in children’s ministry for 23 years. Music has always been a huge part of my children’s ministry. There are a lot of great songs out there today. But I’m feeling nostalgic. So here’s 15 great songs I used to use in children’s church in no particular order.

If I Were A Butterfly


I Am A Christian


We Want To See Jesus Lifted High


I Am A C


I Just Want To Be A Sheep


Give Me Oil In My Lamp


Shake A Friend’s Hand


I’m In The Lord’s Army


In The Name Of Jesus


Fear Not


The Bold Song


I’ve Got The Joy


This Little Light Of Mine


Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost Will Take The Chicken Out Of You