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Two Weeks of Intense Coaching

IMG_9973-7Have you ever wished you could have an experienced children’s pastor come to your church and coach you on how to get your children’s ministry going? If you have, your prayers are answered. Revival Fire 4 Kids offers two weeks of intense coaching at your local church. Tamera Kraft, an experienced children’s pastor, will work with you to set goals, train your teachers, evaluate your ministry, and set your feet on the right path. It will be the best two week investment in the Kingdom of God you’ve ever made.

What You Can Expect:

  • Complete evaluation of your children’s ministry
  • Free Church Children’s Ministry Handbook on CD Rom
  • Goal and Vision Statement Planning Sessions
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Calendar and Program Planning
  • Teacher and Worker Training Session
  • Strategies to get your where you want to be
  • Children’s Church Session
  • Free Curriculum and Resources
  • Any other organizational help needed

For more information about booking a children’s ministry consultation and references, download an Event Handbook.

2 responses to “Children’s Ministry Consultations

  1. I am interested in connecting to know more about your ministry and training opportunities.

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