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Fired Up and Fire Starter Revivals and Crusades

Fired Up and Fire Starter Children’s Revivals and Crusades are exciting, energetic events to lead children into the presence of God where they will be fired up to be saved, sanctified, Spirit filled, and serving God. Target age is 5 to 12 years old.

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What you can expect:

  • High energy ministry
  • Lives changed and all in attendance challenged to a deeper walk with God.
  • Anointed Praise and Worship
  • Multi-media presentations including video clips and power point
  • Fun interactive games
  • Hilarious skits with puppets and live characters
  • Powerful object lessons, gospel illusions, and illustrated sermons that drive home the Bible message
  • Opportunities for those in attendance to receive Jesus Christ as their savior
  • Ministry in the altars

Types of Crusades

3-5 Day Revivalist (Pentecostal): The baptism of the Holy Spirit will be emphasized and the gifts of the Spirit will be allowed to move. Strong elements of this revival are praise and worship, sanctification, discipleship.

3-5 Day Revivalist (Non-Pentecostal): This crusade is to Fire Up your church kids. Children will be encouraged to grow deeper in their walk with God. Discipleship is emphasized.

3-6 Day Evangelistic: This crusade is for churches that invite many unsaved children and families to attend, but it will still minister to church kids. Evangelism and Christian growth are emphasized.

Vacation Bible School: Let us have your Vacation Bible School Program for you. The entire program will be set in one room for ages 5-12. Crafts, missions, and snacks are the host church’s responsibility. This has a strong evangelistic message.

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1 Day Children’s Fun Day: Church children age 5-12 will have a children’s crusade type service, game time,  and learn a choir song and a drama they can perform in church the next day. Lunch will be provided by the host church.

1 Day Outreach: This is for non-church kids and families and is meant to be used with the local church outreach program.


Fired up Krusades

Fired Up Kids Crusade (Firefighter)

Children will learn from stories from the life of Moses on how to be fired up for God and enter His presence.

Fire Starters Revival

Fire Starters Children’s Revival (Western)

Children will learn from the Book of Acts how early disciples turned the world upside down.

For more information on how to book an event, download this Event Handbook below.

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