Filled with the Holy Spirit Children’s Sermon

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praise handsActs 2:4 (NIV)  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.

When teaching children about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you will want to give them instructions. Here is what I tell children before I pray for them to be filled.

Supplies needed: wrapped candy for each child

Have someone in your church give a testimony about being baptized in the Holy Spirit as a child. If you have children in your ministry who were baptized in the Holy Spirit, have them tell about their experience.

Give each child a piece of candy. Ask them what they had to do to receive that candy. They may answer that they didn’t have to do anything or the they had to reach out and grab it. Tell the children that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a free gift that they only need to reach out and grab.

Here’s how they do that:

1. Ask God for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

2. Praise God out loud using their voices. God doesn’t zap them against their wills so they will speak in tongues. They have to use their voices to praise God first.

3. Surrender their words. When they start to feel their tongues and mouths forming in strange ways, they need to surrender their voices to God and allow Him to speak through them.

4. Wait on God. Sometimes children are not baptized in the Holy Spirit right away. When this happens, instruct them to believe God wants to fill them and to wait on Him to do as He promised.


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